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Affirm Your Way To Peace, Success, And Right Thinking

United States(prwindow)- January 23 2008 -Christian Affirmation CDs help believers replace debilitating beliefs with positive statements and scriptures.
Sacramento, CA, Jan 23,2008--Has your New Year’s Resolution already fallen by the wayside? For many, resolutions don't work. People are creatures of habit and unless they create an ongoing system for change, before long old behavior patterns emerge and old habits surface.

For years, psychologists have supported the use of affirmations and positive statements in overcoming a host of bad habits and behaviors. For Christians, renewing of the mind is at the crest of living a victorious life in Christ. Christians are instructed to cast down every thought and imagine that exalts itself against the principles of God.

To help Christians win the battle over their minds, Author Rhonda Jones, creator of the award-winning website, , recently released a series of Christian affirmations CDs that help believers affirm their way to more joy, peace, success, and right thinking.

Currently available are 6 biblical affirmation CDs that contain 13 affirmation topics on developing a happier marriage, overcoming procrastination, developing healthy living habits, losing weight, healing, creating abundance, business success, joy and gratitude, faith, protection, making decisions, confidence, generosity, children, and more. She is also in the process of creating a biblical bedtime meditation and affirmations for children under 12.

“The Bibles says " as a man thinks in his heart so is he " and " the good man out of the good treasure in his heart brings forth that which is good ." If our thoughts are sabotaging our progress, the consistent use of affirmations can help us to think differently--and different thoughts create different behaviors,” Jones expressed.

The Christian affirmations CDs are based on Biblical principles, scriptures, and positive statements. Each Christian affirmation CD contains an introduction, an optional relaxation warm-up, and 2 to 3 topic-related affirmations with up to 80 scriptures and positive statements each set to uplifting background music.

Jones, also the author of Christian meditation Cds, stated that unlike the meditations that require you to sit and remain still, Christians can play the affirmations while preparing for work, commuting, house-cleaning, cooking dinner, or even while you fall to sleep.

One customer who purchased the Christian affirmations on Successful Marriage wrote, "God bless you for your affirmations on marriage. It spelled out in living color all the things we were not doing in our marriage that we should have done. Our marriage is healing and I am very grateful. I would like to share this CD with my two married daughters.”

Each Christian Affirmation CDs is $19.99 and can be purchased at The Christian Meditator website at . For additional information regarding Christian affirmations, Christian meditation, or other products, visit the website or write .
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Rhonda Jones
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