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India(prwindow)- February 06 2009 -Creating a website that loads quickly is important for you and your business. If you have a website that loads too slowly, potential visitors and even customers will simply give up and click away.
Creating a website that loads quickly is important for you and your business. If you have a website that loads too slowly, potential visitors and even customers will simply give up and click away. Internet users have a variety of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and some still use a dial-up connection, which is frustrating in the first place. The last thing they want to do is visit a website that takes too long to load. Your website could even load slowly for those who are using a DSL or cable connection.

If you find that your website seems to be getting hits on your home page and nothing else, your load time could be the problem.

Giving your website a fast load time is vital to you, your website and your business. There are even studies that show that users will click away from your website if it does not load in ten seconds, for more detail goes to: and sometimes less than that. To make your website load faster, you need to know the size and download speed of all of the pages on your website.

Graphics can take too long to load if not used properly. If you can take away some graphics, you will begin to increase your load time. If you take a look at the graphics you have on your web pages, you might realize that you have way too many that are not necessary. Only leave the ones that you absolutely have to.

Make your necessary graphics smaller by using your graphics editor, such as Adobe Photoshop. Making them smaller creates a faster load time. Every little change helps.

You might be surprised to find that there are html codes in your web pages that are not necessary for your website at all. for more help visit try to use CSS when designing your website. This will create a faster loading time. Try using HTML Tidy - an html cleaning tool that can help clean out any unnecessary html coding that is hidden in your web pages.
Even your web hosting company can play a part in how fast your website loads. If you have completed all of the changes to make your website load faster and you find that it still loads too slowly, it could be your web hosting company. Before going to your web hosting company to find out what the problem is, test your website (all of the pages) on different computers with different Internet connections. If it is still too slow, it could certainly be at the fault of your web host. sty could be having a small problem, email them about your concern and give them about a week. If nothing changes in that time period, it may be time to switch web hosts.

Keep your website load times running fast and you will find that more and more people will visit your website and stay longer, which can mean a substantial increase in sales!


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