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Stay At Home Mom Spreads Inspiration And Hope With New Website

Poland(prwindow)- February 09 2008 provides people around the world with the opportunity to brag about their special life moments. Spreading joy and positive thinking, this new social networking site focuses on the joys in life rather than the negatives.
Cracow ( PRWindow ) January 12, 2008 – Stay at home mom, Joanna Betlej, grew tired of the negativity she experienced while going visiting social networking sites currently available on the Internet. In response, she decided to create her own social networking site that would focus more on the positive than on the negative.

After starting her own freelance business, eAnka Design, and creating websites for numerous clients, Betlej decided to create a site of her own. It didn’t take long for her to determine that her site would focus on spreading joy in the form of a new social networking site.

“It seemed to me that a lot of sites are focused more on ranting and complaining,” says Betlej. “I don’t like it, as I am a person that always tries to think positive and such sites upset me. I prefer to find a ray of light even in the darkest night.”

In an effort to place an emphasis on positive events, Betlej has created ( At, members can brag about something great that has happened in their lives. These great events can range from something small and simple, such as getting a compliment from somebody at work, to something as major as getting married or having a baby.

“We should celebrate all of our successes,” says Betlej. “It is easy to celebrate the big events in our lives, such as finding out you are pregnant, but the small achievements are just as important.”

In order to add a brag to the site, members must first categorize the achievement according to how often the achievement occurs. These categories range from those that happen once per lifetime to those that happen every day. They must then categories the brag according to the type of achievement, such as if it is related to their jobs, their families, their cars, their house, and more.

Once a member has written a brag, he or she can then send it to other members that have been added to the account. In this way, members can brag to the whole world about their achievements.

“I think it’s good authotherapy,” says Betlej. “To tell yourself – and the whole world – that you are good at something. This makes you feel better. This give you inspiration to do it better and better, to become the best at what you do. If you brag about your family and friends, it helps you to realize how much you love them. And, if you brag about your material goods, like a car, clothes, or jewelry, it shoes you how much you have in life and you feel gratitude.”

Betlej also hopes her site helps others become inspired by the achievements of others. On the business side, she hopes the site will also serve as a valuable resource to web developers looking to optimize their websites.

“This site can really serve as a gift to web developers,” says Betlej. “If you have a site on weight loss and you need a quality link, for example, all you need to do is brag about it and you can potentially get a very helpful link from the site.”

Bragalia is free for members to use. In addition, each post and comment is moderated in order to ensure the site is free from violence, crime, and nudity. Visit to learn more.

eAnka Design
Joanna Betlej
Phone: +48 694 435 925
ul.Kremerowska 14/3
31-130 Cracow



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Joanna Betlej

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