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United Kingdom(prwindow)- May 19 2008 -The residents of Las Santoros may be tiny, but there is no doubt that they have always been ready for a challenge. So when they decided to try and find 101 Ways to do- well, pretty much anything- excitement took over.
They started at the beginning with 101 Ways to say Hello.

“This one was pretty straightforward,” said Wayne, one of the main organisers of the 101 Ways challenge. “We’re a friendly lot anyway, and we like to be inventive in our greetings, so we already had plenty of ideas for ways to say hello.”

However, things didn’t run so smoothly when it came to 101 Ways to Get Fired. Says Wayne; “We had to try them all out for real- if we tried something and it didn’t get us fired, it didn’t go in. I think my favourite Way to Get Fired was probably the office wheelbarrow race- that was one of my ideas- although there is no doubt that kicking a football through an office window is also a ‘sure-fire way’!”

As many Santorians were now out of work, they decided to fill their time with 101 Ways to Have Fun. This couldn’t last forever though, so 101 Ways to Earn a Living naturally followed, with Santorians trying out such diverse occupations as footballer, pig farmer, and even, in the case of one brave resident, lion tamer.

Even the animal population of Las Santoros have gotten involved. The feline element have made their contribution with 101 Things Cats Do (including skiing), whilst the large Santorian penguin population have tried playing pool, skipping and ice fishing for 101 Things Penguins Do.

So, the challenge continues, and it would seem that “no way” is simply not a phrase these Santorians understand. When asked if they have more ideas for 101 Ways up their sleeves, Wayne simply replied, “Way more!!”

For more information on the 101 Ways range of greeting cards and gift wrap, contact Santoro on +44 (0)1709 518100, or visit


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