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United States(prwindow)- June 09 2008 - is the availability of a new Internet service to help shoppers compare prices and features for products advertised at their local retail stores. This is a free service available immediately at their Website makes the comparison shopping easy for you.
One of the best features of Internet shopping is to compare prices and features. However, customers still do the majority of their shopping in local retail stores as they need to touch and feel the products before buying. SalesCircular combines the best of both the worlds by presenting prices and features of products advertised at the retail stores. This information is organized in specific product categories to show at a glance listings.
How do you get the Compare Products sites? is a boon for scrupulous retailers as it gives them exposure and advertising over the Internet. Many retailers have set up their own Websites to connect with customers that use the Internet to gather information. is viewed by the shoppers as an unbiased information source and provides a better platform for retailers to reach the potential customers. is a free service covering over 90% of population in 45 US states. It covers products from regional stores and major national retailers like Best Buy Co, Circuit City Stores, CompUSA Inc, K-Mart Corp, Office Depot, Office Max Inc, Radio Shack, Sears, Roebuck and Co., Staples Inc, Target, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. etc
We are here for you to find the Best Buy prices.
Shoppers face three challenges to doing comparison shopping on their own:
1. The advertising information is fragmented in various circulars that are distributed as junk mail, newspaper inserts and E-circulars at store Websites. In addition, store advertising is targeted to cover customer population near retail store locations. This simply means customers do not have all the information on what's advertised in retail stores
2. Rebates, coupons, bundled purchases (buy-one-get-one-free), middle of the week and one day sales make the comparison shopping difficult
3. Conducting comparison shopping takes a lot of time and effort
SalesCircular makes this easy by consolidating the sales information at the retail stores and making it available over the Internet. It provides for quick feature and price comparison thereby allowing shoppers to find the best deal. Store ads have few specials mixed in with regular-priced merchandise. helps the shoppers pick and choose the best priced products from each store. As the shoppers know what products are available in stores before they visit the store, it also reduces the possibility they will fall for a potential bait and switch by the stores.

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