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United States(prwindow)- June 23 2008 -Upholstered furniture and wood tables provided by will be prominently featured in “The Baby Borrowers”, a new reality TV show premiering on NBC at 9 p.m. June 25 and running weekly in that time slot. is a leading online retailer of home furniture, most of it custom-made in the United States.
Charlotte, NC, June 23 2008 -- Sofas, chairs, coffee tables and other furniture provided by of Charlotte will “star” in a new reality TV show premiering Wednesday, June 25, at 9 p.m. on NBC, called “The Baby Borrowers.

The highly entertaining show reveals what happens to five teen-age couples as they take care of someone else’s baby, then toddlers, pre-teens, teen-agers and finally aging seniors. “I had no idea this is what it took” is a comment heard frequently in various forms from the struggling teen “parents.” Like the hugely popular “American Idol,” the basic format for the program started on TV in the UK, where it drew large audiences.

NBC describes “The Baby Borrowers” as “a unique social experiment that takes five teen-age couples on a rollercoaster ride of adult responsibility, allowing them to experience parenting firsthand. Desperate to have their own life and family, our lovebirds are thrown in at the deep end. They’re given real houses and real responsibilities, the most important of which is to look after children from a range of age groups. . . . In the end, will these couples be able to cope with the pressures of parenthood or will they break?

The five couples will “live” in five new homes in a cul de sac in Eagle, Idaho. Producers of the show contacted Charlotte’s because of their track record providing quality furniture for other TV shows including NBC’s “The Apprentice,” Fine Living TV, TLC TV and other programs.

“This is very exciting for us and we think the show is going to attract a wide range of audiences because it is so entertaining,” said Darrin King, president of “People who live in North Carolina can get special satisfaction in knowing that much of the furniture was made right here in our state. We’re proud of the fact that most of the manufacturers who work for us are located here in the furniture capital of the world. was started by brothers Darrin and Jeff King selling North Carolina Furniture direct to consumers online. As demand grew, they’ve established relationships with leading US furniture manufacturers, expanded their website and provided home furniture products to thousands of customers nationwide for more than 10 years.

“We’re family owned and take pride in providing very personalized service for all our customers,” Jeff King said. “This leads to a high level of customer satisfaction, which is extremely important to us.

For more information, visit or call 1-888-378-8383. The NBC promotion page is
[Media Contact: Buck Lawrimore, Lawrimore Inc., 704-332-4344,]
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Buck Lawrimore
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