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A Marriage of Two Online Brokers Produces Winning Hybrid

United States(prwindow)- November 02 2007 -PTI ProDirect bridges technical / personal gap by joining forces with Interactive Brokers, producing the panacea to online trading.
CHICAGO, Illinois – November 1, 2007 – PTI ProDirect is putting personal back into a technical online trading universe. The brainchild of Daniel Haugh, President of PTI Securities & Futures, PTI ProDirect announced its hard launch today. This new online platform allies the familiar interface of Interactive Brokers’ award-winning system with the customer service of the PTI Securities & Futures brokers - experts who are immediately accessible to clients.

In a 2006 annual survey, Barron’s rated Interactive Brokers as one of the top firms available but cited that customer service was lacking for the online giant. In early 2007 Interactive Brokers took the queue and began to fill this deficit by merging services with PTI Securities, a privately-owned full service boutique brokerage firm staffed by former CBOE and CBOT floor traders, many with over 20 years experience. The cooperative efforts of these two Chicago-based companies produced PTI ProDirect. PTI ProDirect clears all online trades through Interactive Brokers (IB), who provides the trading technology, while PTI ProDirect provides the necessary personal customer contact for traders by phone and by e-mail.

IB's trading platform makes it possible for PTI ProDirect to pass on savings to clients by continuing to offer competitive commissions, best price execution, high credit interest and low margin interest rates. PTI ProDirect’s online rates remain lower than those of many major online brokers: $0.0075 per share for stocks for those who trade at least 10,000 shares in any one month, $0.75 for options for those who trade at least 100 option contracts in any one month, with $5.00 minimum per trade.

In addition to client access to live brokers with years of floor trading experience, the Trader WorkStation (TWS) interface is equipped with an array of analysis and charting tools. Other features include free real-time paper-trading, stock and option search program, stock and option exercise and assignment, live and archived webinars, risk-based margining, and a Universal Account option: an all-in-one securities, futures and single stock futures account.

For additional information regarding PTI ProDirect online trading, contact Larry Parkhill, Director - PTI ProDirect, toll free at 800-821-4968, by e-mail at or visit

About PTI ProDirect – PTI ProDirect is a subsidiary of privately-owned PTI Securities & Futures LP and clears all trades through Interactive Brokers LLC (IBKR). PTI ProDirect is a member of SIPC, NFA and FINRA (NASD). The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.



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PTI ProDirect

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