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United Kingdom(prwindow)- September 29 2007, Europe's largest leading online and mail-order retailer of sports style gear and other trendy accessories is currently adding up new brands of products to its existing range.
Blandford Forum - August 25, 2007:, Europe's largest leading online and mail-order retailer has recently come up with a trendy action camera.
Al Gosling, CEO of the Extreme Group and founder of the Extreme Sports Channel, quipped: "Now you can have your own monkey cam, terrier cam, chopper cam, whatever-cam. We are among the first to try ATC2K, the ultimate water-proof self-contained action cam. Weighing in at half a pound (with batteries), this hands-free action cam delivers full color digital video in 640 X 480 VGA at 30 frames per second."
ATC2K works seamlessly with most video editing software. Expandable up to 2GB, with a built-in SD card slot, the ATC2K mounts easily on helmets, bikes, race cars, dirt bikes and more. Wipeouts in a white out or an unexpected barrel roll? No worries, ATC2K is water-proof!
Mr. Al Gosling further adds: "The interest in this item has been huge, and we have just recieved our latest delivery - we will be shipping back orders first and they are sure to sell out quickly - so place your order now to guarantee one!"
Recently, the camera was reviewed on Channel Five's The Gadget Show and a common notion that came out of that trial was that it can be used to film extreme - or not so extreme - sports like skateboarding, mountain biking, jet skiing, kayaking, bmx. The camera comes with various attachments for helmet or handle bars.
Some of the other additional feattures of this ATC-2K camera is that it can record up to 13 hours of video* and runs for hours off just 2 AA batteries.** It also comes with 32mb internal memory, so you can start shooting your film right out of the box!

Log on to to get more details regarding ATC-2K camera!!!


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