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United States(prwindow)- December 26 2007 -PARIS–Dec. 11, 2007—Vringo, the pioneer in video ringtone sharing, and worldwide news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) today announced an alliance that will enable AFP video clips to be integrated into Vringo’s video ringtone service. The announcement was made at LeWeb3 2007.
PARIS–Dec. 11, 2007—Vringo, the pioneer in video ringtone sharing, and worldwide news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) today announced an alliance that will enable AFP video clips to be integrated into Vringo’s video ringtone service. The announcement was made at LeWeb3 2007.

Using Vringo, mobile phone users worldwide can now seamlessly download selected AFP video clips in multiple languages onto their mobile handsets from the Vringo Web site. When a call is placed, the video clip appears on the recipient’s phone screen as a video ringtone, or “Vringo.” AFP content on a wide variety of topics will also be available to all Vringo users on the Vringo Web site. (See sample clip.)

“AFP produces news video and features for television, the Internet and mobile phone service,” said Gilles Tarot, marketing and sales director of AFP North America. “And now, through this agreement with Vringo, our international video coverage will be available in yet another format—video ringtones, one of the newest and most personal ways of sharing information.”

With the AFP-Vringo alliance, Vringo subscribers can use their buddy lists to deliver 2- to 10-second AFP video clips announcing the caller to the person being called—or to identify an incoming caller. Users select their personal Vringo clips through their mobile handsets or online. Vringos can also be shared with any subscriber in the Vringo community with a compatible wireless phone.

Vringo services are now available on a wide variety of mobile handsets, including devices made by Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and others (see full list of Vringo-compliant handsets).

“Through this agreement with AFP, Vringo users can now share video clips of current stories with others—personally selecting information they feel is important to communicate,” said Andrew Perlman, general manager–Vringo America. “AFP is a wonderful addition to the Vringo catalog of content providers, expanding the selection beyond the realm of entertainment.”

AFP joins a growing list of content providers now partnering with Vringo, including Discovery Channel and Universal Music Group.

About Agence France-Presse (AFP)

AFP, worldwide news agency, maintains a network of journalists in 165 countries around the world covering events 24/7 in 6 languages. The AFP brand guarantees editorial quality and reliability built since the agency was founded in 1835. The agency also offers multimedia products online: text, pictures, graphics, animated graphics and video. AFP covers all the news worldwide, from politics and diplomacy to economy and finance, sports and culture to science, technology, health and people. Its clients include the world’s major media organizations as well as corporations, governments and international agencies. Its services are edited at regional centers in Paris, Nicosia, Washington, Montevideo and Hong Kong.

For more information about AFP, please go to

About Vringo

Vringo is creating the world’s first video ringtone sharing community. The company is making Personalization 2.0 a reality by enabling users to experience rich media ringtones on a wide variety of mobile devices and for the first time to share that media with others within a community. Vringo is backed by Warburg Pincus and by private investors. More information can be found at

Author details:
Here Andrew Perlman writes about the alliance between Vringo, the pioneer in video ringtone sharing, and AFP, a worldwide news agency that also offers multimedia products online, to fully integrate APF video clips into Vringo’s video ringtone service. For accessing more services in Phone Video Sharing, video phone, free cell phone video, video sharing community, mobile video sharing, visit


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