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Alignmed’S ExoMed Finally Available to the Public

United States(prwindow)- March 23 2009 -Evidence Based Apparel™ clinically proven to: reduce pain, improve recovery, prevent injuries, and increase sports performance
Santa Ana, CA- Alignmed, the originator of Evidence Based Apparel™, unveiled the ExoMed, clinically proven to reduce shoulder pain, improve recovery time, prevent shoulder injuries and increase sports performance.

The need for the ExoMed came into fruition due to the fact that approximately 30 million people in this country will have shoulder pain over the course of the year and 500,000 arthroscopic shoulder surgeries are performed each year, costing on average $10,000 (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons)

Alignmed’s ExoMed is clinically proven to optimize scapular motion, and increase rotator cuff strength, all of which improve treatment of shoulder injuries. Specific neuro-receptors in the body fire messages to the brain, and provide additional support to the skeletal structure, this technology creates a positive anatomical change in the body. Using a cutting edge bi-plane fluoroscopy system, the upper arm and shoulder socket have been shown to be better aligned. The results of better posture can actually be measured.

The ExoMed compression body shirt is worn to: prevent injuries, cervical back pain, pain in low back, severe neck pain, clicking shoulder, dislocation shoulder, seperated shoulder, impingement syndrome shoulder, slap tear, and rotator cuff tear treatment.

The ExoMed was developed with the clinical experience of the top Sports Medicine Orthopedists and in association with the Steadman Hawkins Research Foundation.

Alignmed’s Evidence-Based Apparel™ has been worn by the following elite athletes and organizations: Tony Stuart-Nascar driver, Curt Schilling-pro baseball player, Sugar Ray Leonard-pro boxer, Layne Beachley-Seven Time World Champion Surfer, John Cook-pro golfer, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies as well as many other NFL, MLB, NBA, collegiate teams and professional athletes.

Alignmed’s mission is to help patients and athletes stay injury free, pain free, and at the top of their game. The company's growth in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia has been a testament to the unique benefits of Alignmed’s Evidence Base Apparel™ line. Alignmed’s products are finally available to the general public at

About Alignmed
Alignmed is a leading developer and distributor of Evidence Based Apparel™, used to reduce pain, improve recovery, prevent injuries, and increase sports performance. Over a decade of research and development with the top Sports Medicine Orthopedists have gone into the science and technology of Alignmed’s Evidence Based Apparel. The company's products are sold worldwide and worn by professional basketball, football, baseball, volleyball players, golfers, surfers, as well as athletes in major collegiate sports. The company's global headquarters is in Santa Ana, California. For further information, please visit the company's website at




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