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Allcom Eliminated The Atlantic Ocean

United States(prwindow)- March 15 2008 -Consumer communications pioneer announces local service bridging the greatest barrier between UK and North America.

Las Vegas, Nevada,March 10, 2008 -- AllCom announced today that they are launching a new class of local communications service connecting their subscribers across the Atlantic Ocean

"We’re talking about far more than just low-cost calling,” said Thomas Skala, CEO of AllCom. "Our new service lets people have a single, direct presence in any combination of the US, the United Kingdom and soon Canada."

For several years, AllCom has enabled low-cost International calling with its network of Public Access Numbers or its unique Call Back system. Customers with a "Genie" account on the AllCom system could be reached by calling local numbers overseas, and then entering a code number to reach the subscriber.

"But that’s all changing," explained an enthusiastic Skala. "Now, our subscribers can have their own, individual local numbers in any of these three countries, all of which connect to exactly the same central system.

"For many years, companies have had letterheads saying things like, 'San Francisco, London and Toronto.' Now even the smallest company can have local numbers there, without needing to have a local office. For as little as $5 per month, someone based in Chicago could also have a number in Manchester that connects British callers to Chicago – as a LOCAL call!"

The service also allows subscribers in any of the three countries to make calls anywhere in the other two for as little as 2 cents per minute. Calls to mobile phones in the UK vary based on the cellular provider.

"Anyone who is a transplant to this country – or one of the others – will love that, Skala went on. Get a number back in Aberdeen, Scotland to go with the number you already have in Aberdeen, Washington. Instantly, you and your entire family can reach each other for virtually nothing!
"Whether for business, family or just the fun of it, you can now ignore the Atlantic Ocean. AllCom eliminated it."

About AllCom

AllCom, a Nevada corporation incorporated in 1997, set out to design and fully develop a proprietary mix of hardware and software that integrates three powerful technologies into one seamless service: Telecommunications, the world’s most universal and interactive communication medium; Electronic Banking, the key to electronic commerce; and the Internet, the world’s most powerful information medium.

AllCom developed the Universal Office, our proprietary soft switch, which integrates those three key elements on a single platform, running over GenieNet, a global private voice-over-IP network. Genie™ is the personality of the Universal Office on the phone and online.

From New York City to Seattle, from Miami to San Diego, from Houston to Minneapolis, from Boston to Salt Lake City, AllCom provides Local Service in over four thousand cities and communities, in 139 area codes reaching across 1586 Rate Centers in 29 states and Washington DC. Approximately 85% of the people in the United States can reach Genie – and YOU - with a local call.

AllCom’s unique International Public Access Network enables you and your friends, family members and business associates, to reach your CellPlusPlus Universal Telephone Number FREE OF CHARGE, as a local call, from over 5,000 cities and communities in North America, and forty countries on five continents around the world.
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