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Axle Fuel Energy Drink Teaming Up With National Auto Sport Association

United States(prwindow)- January 04 2008 -Axle Fuel Energy Drink teaming launches to target the high octane motor sports and racing fans and announced that it is teaming with Double-Apex Motorsports,National Auto Sport Association TTE Champions from Arizona.
PA,United States, Jan 04 2008-- Launched to target the high octane motor sports and racing fans Axle Fuel Energy Drink was introduced to the world in, 2007, and today to start the 2008 new year the company announced that it is teaming with Double-Apex Motorsports, National Auto Sport Association TTE Champions from Arizona.

The AXLE FUEL™ the energy drink according to the company founder Al Samson, is made from the highest quality of products, the ingredients are the same and or similar as other canned or bottled energy drinks which include Vitamin B12, C, Caffeine, Taurine, and Glucoronolactone and has a taste similar to the most popular energy drinks however without the after taste. Currently AXLE FUEL™ offers it energy drink in “Bag-in a-Box”, and this year the company will introduce the Axle Fuel Energy Drink in re-sealable bottles both plastic and cans to further ensure that while at the track the AXLE FUEL stays fresh and for continuous enjoyment.

The AXLE Fuel™ "Bag-in-the-Box" energy drink produces very little waste due to the fact one 3 gallon "bag in a box" is equivalent to 18 gallons of canned energy drinks, or 18 cases or 422 cans providing for a huge savings and profits. There's absolutely no mixing, measuring or spilling, and waste is virtually eliminated. According to Samson with the Bag in the Box you will never have to worry about serving and or drinking a drink that is flat and or stale.

To date AXLE FUEL™ has focused its efforts on selling its products directly to racetracks and other off-premise locations such as bars, grocery store, convenience stores, mass merchandisers and others notes the company. According to Samson the partnership with Double-Apex Motorsports one of the most unique racing team in existence today is very exiting for the growth of our brand within motorsports

According to the owner and founder of the team Robert Rose, the Double-Apex Motorsports team is made up of more than 10 people who can handle it all and are assembled to be one of the most powerful race team since Penske. Rose further states that Double-Apex is more than a race team, it is a culture. Racing is a way of life and at Double-Apex we live it to the fullest.

Double-Apex Motor sports for 2008 will be campaigning on multiple fronts. Double-Apex will start the year by defending its National Auto Sport Association (NASA) TTE Championship with its 93 Miata, affectionately called Black Betty, with Robert Rose behind the wheel. Matt Noble will take up the challenge of Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Autocross in a 2006 Nissan Sentra Spec V and Brian Kozan will continue his rapid progress in the world of motorcycle racing with his AzTrackDay events on his 2007 Kawasaki ZZR 600. The various Double Apex Motorsports racing events for 2008 can be found on their website

According to Rose the Double Apex drivers all have their own program but will be called upon throughout the year to share drives as needed within the team and to promote the Axel Fuel Energy Drink as an integral energy drink for motor sports worldwide, due to the fact the two companies are inspired by passion and fueled by professionalism the mission is to be the best.

Al Samson
Chesterbrook, PA,
United States



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