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BeamYourScreen Enters the Broker Business via Time and Money Saving Web Service

Germany(prwindow)- March 26 2008 -The broker business becomes another industry of success for BeamYourScreen, with the launch of their award winning HTML session viewer in collaboration with their online presentation software solutions.
Mannheim,Germany,March,26,2008 -- Finance and insurance brokerage has been given a serious boost with the support of renowned web collaboration provider BeamYourScreen ( launching their award winning HTML session viewer, enabling individual real-time expert advice by means of the World Wide Web.

The Internet is a matter of vital importance for most industries, including that of finance and insurance brokers. However, its role today is often limited to sub-processes in communication and information logistics. Until now – thanks to BeamYourScreen, web-solution software is about to revolutionize critical core business processes.

“BeamYourScreen offers an application that makes it no longer necessary for consultations to take place on-site,” states Erik Boos, Co-Founder of BeamYourScreen. “Rather, BeamYourScreen allows the presentation of any PC screen content in real-time over the Internet. The unique HTML session viewer allows the potential customer to view a presentation without downloading or installing any software. Brokers can then present custom calculations and analysis with the comfort of mind that the client will connect the first time, every time.”

The advantages are obvious: travel time and expenses are eliminated. Brokers can make offers upon the first point of contact, impressing customers instantly with this modern consultation method. There is no need for the broker to check the client’s PC capability or software compatibility, due to the application’s independence from operating systems, firewalls, and user rights. Brokers can deliver immediate, individual and tailored advice to their customers, right on their own computer screen. Decision making is enhanced with custom offers being received immediately.

“The reaction has been extremely positive,” continues Mr. Boos. “Aside from the cost savings, brokers using BeamYourScreen are thrilled with the practicality of our HTML viewer. The viewer operates inside the web-browser so clients can join the presentation right off the broker’s website. The stability, performance and usability of our web-service resulted from research of active users.”

How it works: The advisor starts a BeamYourScreen meeting, generating an individual session ID. The customer opens a web page and enters the session ID, allowing them to immediately see the screen of the advisor in their Web-browser. By employing established software programs, accurate assessments of demand, calculations and comparisons regarding different offers can be accomplished live as the prospective customer follows each step on their very own screen through the BeamYourScreen viewer. Different scenarios can be simulated in real-time and questions can be answered in a descriptive way. Not only does the broker benefit from BeamYourScreen: The customer receives an ad-hoc tailored, transparent offer corresponding to their individual needs.

Despite the vast reach of the web, the degree of utilization is only in its incipient stages in broker business. Common online price-comparisons and configuration models are unable to grasp the specific requirements of the individual. Therefore personalized advice will always remain a job for human experts. Customers seek participation, a professional presentation, and a solution customized to the individual, which is precisely what they receive with BeamYourScreen. Brokers are now able to meet their customers’ expectations and deliver a level of service equal to that of on-site consultations, excluding the expense and loss of time incurred from traveling.

About BeamYourScreen
Established in Germany in 2004 by Erik Boos and Mark Zondler, BeamYourScreen is a renowned provider of innovative web collaboration solutions, whose product range consists of software solutions for online meetings, online presentations, and remote support. At present, more than 1300 corporate customers in over 40 countries worldwide are using the BeamYourScreen technology and benefiting from significantly reduced travel time and travel expenses. The makeup of these customers ranges from small and medium sized enterprises to large global corporations such as Toshiba, Yamaha, and Roche
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For your information: BeamYourScreen is available as a free test version at

Contact Person:

Stephen Karrer
Sales & Marketing
Phone: +1-646-292-7142

Press Contact:

Andrew Donnelly
Beam Your Screen
Mannheim, Germany


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Beam Your Screen

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