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Biggest Loser Contestants Visit With Diets In Review In Wichita

United States(prwindow)- January 24 2008 -The Biggest Loser Million Pound Match-Up Tour made its second stop in Wichita, KS. The crowd of hundreds were there to meet local nutritionists, fitness trainers and competitors. Diets In Review talked to the contestants about their experience since leaving the show.
New York,NY, Jan 24,2008--Hundreds of people lined up at Wichita's Towne East Mall Saturday to participate in the Biggest Loser Million Pound Match-Up. The promotion is encouraging Americans to lose a million pounds- and to do it the healthy way like Biggest Loser contestants. Driving in from as far as three hours away and spending lengthy times in line, the fans' commitment was rewarded by meeting season four contestants Julie Haddon and Jim Germanakos.

Diets In Review met up with Julie and Jim to see how they've been managing to return to their normal lives and what they've taken away from Biggest Loser. Both looking fit and trim, were enthusiastic to recount their experience and shared playful sibling-like banter.

Since returning home, they each say they’ve put on a few pounds, but that it’s perfectly healthy. Julie says she’s in better shape now than she was at the finale last month, and Jim has put on weight per his doctor’s instruction because he’d managed to lose too much. Now the challenge is introducing their new lifestyle to their families.

“I came home and literally had a panic attack,” says Julie of her return from the show. “I had changed, but nothing in my environment had. It scared the willies out of me. I needed to set up my home and environment for success or I would not prosper and end up back to where I was.” She said her husband did more whining than her seven-year old, who has not objected to removing chocolate chip cookie dough, Cheetos, processed sugars and carbonated drinks from the house. And while Jillian made them eat completely organic at the Biggest Loser ranch, she says it’s not something she can afford to do all the time back home- so she does everything she can to introduce as healthy a life as possible. “I don’t want my family eating this stuff.”

Jim on the other hand doesn’t appear to have the same support system in his home as Julie. He tried to clear out the house when he returned, but his son went shopping for the first time by himself after that. “He brought back all the pop and frosted flakes,” said Jim. “My house is full of food, everywhere I turn.” So he relies on himself to be strong and maintain that thinner and healthier physique.

You can read all about how Jim won the first dollar of twin brother Bill's Biggest Loser winnings, Julie's panic attack upon returning home and how they both share a desire to look as good as possible for season five's finale at Diets In Review.

Click here to read the entire Biggest Loser article.

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