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BlackWebAds Creates Complete Solution For Marketing To The Black Community Online.

United States(prwindow)- December 01 2007 -BlackWebAds.Com, A New Concept Seeks Websites and Bloggers for Inclusion in its Growing Publishing Network.

Baltimore, MD,Dec 01, 2007 -- – After growing frustrated experimenting with solutions to reach the estimated 20 million members of the Black community online, Linton Publishing, LLC is launching, a comprehensive advertising solution focused on delivering a complete revenue solution to Black websites, and a new tool for reaching the growing, and diverse African, African American and Caribbean community online.

Odogwu Linton, President of Linton Publishing, LLC, recognized a need for this solution years ago.

“I’ve been working at promoting various online businesses and concepts for years” said Linton, “a successful marketing campaign must have reach, be targeted to the desired audience, and the advertiser must have access to comprehensive, reliable data to help focus their marketing efforts.”

Linton believes that many overlook the need to have a sustained effort with access to data and status reports. “No one should implement a marketing campaign of any kind without access to some form of ‘status’ report or update on your specific campaign. Doing otherwise is behaving recklessly with your goals and ambitions. You might as well give your money away.”

Until, there was no solution that provided comprehensive tools to engage in a sustained, coordinated campaign to reach the growing Black Community online, whose estimated annual buying power exceeds 700 billion dollars. empowers anyone to market directly to the online Black community. Anything can be promoted, from a concert, workshop, book or product launch to a start-up, fundraiser or political commentary. Ads are targeted to specific publishers through an array of tools, including text on the publisher pages, and the advertiser’s selection of specific marketing criteria. Advertisers can set their own budget, starting at just $10, and can modify it throughout their campaign.

“Keeping the budgeting power in the hands of the advertiser was key to building this concept” said Linton, “that means you decide how much to spend, and depending on your objectives, when to increase or decrease your efforts. We wanted to create a tool for the start-up as well as the multi-national corporation.” ads will appear on websites that are focused on providing Black themed content to the general public. “After organizing the globally recognized Black Web Awards for the past two years, and reviewing thousands of Black themed websites, we have become experts on trends and Black excellence online” said Linton. Publishers have already expressed interest in becoming participants in the network and have begun joining. Publishers will receive advertising that is relevant and specifically targeted to their online audience, and has been reviewed for appropriateness before being included in the publishing network. Best of all, Publishers will get paid every month for their participation in the network.

It was my intention to create a wealth engine for Black businesses online, and create a tool for assisting marketing efforts to the Black community online. I encourage everyone to log on and take a look.
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Odogwu Obi Linton
Linton Publishing, LLC.
Baltimore, MD 21228
Ph: 410-491-0730



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Odogwu Obi Linton
Linton Publishing, LLC.

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