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Breakthrough “Brain Rewrite” Technology Re-programs The Human Brain

Canada(prwindow)- January 10 2008 -The Mind Optimizer technology uses the scientifically proven process behind “brainwave entrainment” to program the mind, and achieve exactly what the heart desires.
Ontario,Canada, Jan 10,2008--There are a number of programs that claim to work to re-program the mind, but very few are effective at all, which has led many to believe that it simply could not be done. The technology behind the website is different, and innovative in a number of ways. What sets it apart from other, similar looking technology is this: It works.

The technology is an innovative, breakthrough technology that is literally capable of rewriting the brain in such a way that you can open yourself to achieving nearly anything that you desire.

Those who use it are now capable of accomplishing tasks that seemed impossible before, like quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing stress, and relieving symptoms of PMS, eliminating chronic headaches, or simply meeting goals more easily than before. The extremely effective Mind-Optimizer audio CDs offered by this program give users everything they need to achieve their wildest dreams.

The website is currently giving away a free audio CD that is designed to increase the IQ of anyone who listens to it by as many as 40 points in a short amount of time. According to the Mind-Optimizer Success system - “All users have to do is listen to music, and they can boost their IQ by 20, 30 or even 40 points, as simple as that.”

"People suffering from chronic problems for years are tired of taking expensive drugs with nasty side effects." Said Hanif Khaki, founder of the Mind-Optimizer program. "Thanks to Mind-Optimizer, we are now at a point where just about anyone with any type of physical, mental, or emotional challenge can access this powerful technology that was once only available to the wealthiest individuals."

Most programs offering these same benefits require greater investments, and offer very few rewards in the end. “This program on the other hand, is based on scientifically proven technology”, according to Khaki. It is also one of the most affordable programs of its kind available on the market today. was founded by Hanif Khaki, CEO of the company. He is a pioneer in the brainwave entrainment technology industry, and is well versed in how systems like this can be used to improve lives. For more information about this program, contact Hanif Khaki at or visit
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Hanif Khaki
Mind Optimizer
46 Lanebrooke Crescent
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


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Hanif Khaki
Mind Optimizer

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