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India(prwindow)- January 21 2008 -For scores of tutors in India, Online Tutoring is a full time profession as opposed to a source of supplementary income for their American counterparts.
The buzz around the growing market of Online Tutoring has seen India emerge as a major player in this sector of outsourcing. Generating about 6 percent of the US market’s revenue, India’s biggest advantage is its large workforce of highly skilled and qualified tutors. Indian teachers today, are in demand for tutoring in a variety of subjects like English, Mathematics, the Sciences, other foreign languages like French, Spanish etc and for preparation for competitive exams and certifications. What makes India the hot-spot for the educational services sector is not just its civilization philosophy of the guru-shishya parampara, which is the mutual affection and respect between a teacher and his pupil, but the fact that the IT revolution in the country has enabled implementation of interactive web-enabled sessions and real time transaction of solutions to students’ queries and problems. A simulation of the stimulated site of a classroom, an online tutor’s white board can today impart knowledge to thousands of students across the globe in an instant with a simple click on the internet. Online portals like, transvista and many others have captured the market with their experienced tutors and industry recognized certifications and training programs. Often, in companies like, the services offered are two tier, not only can students study directly from their Indian tutors online, US and UK based companies can also outsource their training and development functions to the company’s in-house team. The new age Indian tutor is therefore in demand both as a teacher and a professional.
The biggest reason for the huge demand for tutors from India is assured quality at cheap prices. Despite the increasing might of economies the world over, education still remains expensive and therefore out of reach for many. Here, Online Tutoring is an affordable and relevant option for both parents and students. A case in example being American parents who shell $40 to $100 per hour as payment to local online tutoring companies, can save up to $75 dollars by making their wards join up for tutoring lessons online with Indian companies. Indian tutoring companies are therefore cheaper and economical. Any concerns regarding comprehension or subject proficiency are taken care of by companies like that recruit leading teaching professionals and subject experts and train them region specific (UK-US) as well as global accents. Training manuals also contain student lingo and colloquialisms/ slang in order to remove as many barriers as possible from the interactions between the tutors and their students. And since the Indian education system stresses on a high degree of proficiency and accuracy in English, the online transactions are usually smooth and well conducted. Competence in language is one of the major reasons for Indian companies outperforming other South Asian portals.
Besides, the core academic and linguistic capabilities of Indian tutors, the online tutoring industry is well structured and highly professional. The dedication and performance levels of Indian tutors are therefore no doubt higher than most of their colleagues in other parts of the world. This coupled with the already existing IT infrastructure from allied and other fields of outsourcing, has ensured that Indian companies have a head start in terms of web-enabled technologies and high speed internet access. Simply put, the communication networks in the country are truly global in standing.
The need of the hour now, is clearer and transparent exchange about student and tutor background information and strict adherence to international laws of business. Any upcoming business runs the risk of going astray in the euphoria of initial success and Online Tutoring companies from India need to keep that in mind. With traditional sectors of outsourcing facing flak from local people from countries like USA and UK, it is but a matter of time that Online Tutoring too might face a similar crisis. It is therefore imperative that Indian Online Tutoring companies maintain high standards of quality assurance and timely delivery as well as proper records of all transactions. After all, Indian tutors are in demand for all the right reasons the bright careers of both Indian gurus and their shishya (pupils) should not be compromised upon.


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