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Cash Gifting: Timeless Concept Helps Thousands Yearly

United States(prwindow)- January 21 2008 -Demetrios Tzortzis is helping to bring this powerful vehicle of goodwill back into mainstream thought patterns.
Reston,VA, Jan 21,2008--The concept of giving and receiving has been embraced by humankind since the beginning of civilization. Religious doctrine and personal philosophies all across the planet have long advocated this simplistic concept that leads to the betterment of countless lives. To reap what one sows is not merely our right from birth; it is a wonderful blessing that has been all but forgotten in our competitive societies. Everyone is so busy worrying about themselves that they have become oblivious to the many benefits of being altruistic.

Demetrios Tzortzis is helping to bring this powerful vehicle of goodwill back into mainstream thought patterns. His organization, Live to Prosper, is a highly successful online program based on the positive energies gained through charity. Tzortzis says “It is unbelievable that so many people just don’t understand this. It has taken my personal wealth to levels unimagined and what’s more, it gives me such a great feeling to be able to help others.”

Cash gifting is 100% legal in the United States and Canada. You can promote legitimate cash gifting programs both online and offline. “We are entitled to share our belongings and/or cash with anyone we deem deserving. It is up to each of us as individuals to do what we feel is right. We are allowed to give. We are allowed to help each other.” Tzortzis states emphatically.

In the 80’s, the concept of cash gifting came under a lot of fire. People developed a suspicion about it because there were a lot of illegitimate programs being started. There were no moderators – no way to protect yourself from scams. Modern cash gifting is well organized and completely valid. At, there are highly sophisticated tracking programs in place working constantly to assure the integrity of the plan. Nobody is ever cheated. The program is well documented with a proven track record of success.

"This program has allowed me to create personal wealth at a rate quicker than I ever imagined possible." Tzortzis says. "This program has changed the way I will do my business online forever. When I receive feedback from the program’s participants, I know that I’m doing something to help them. It makes me feel wonderful inside to know that people’s lives are bettered on a daily basis because of this plan.” Tzortzis goes on to say “When people break through their resistance and get into this easy-to-engage program, they report more freedom and happiness than they have ever experienced. They are thrilled.”

Tzortzis encourages all people to explore this enduring and virtuous model of sharing. The Internet is an amazing entity. It is a vehicle that allows all people an equal chance to generate prosperity and happiness within their lives. Tzortzis enthusiastically claims “I will do this for the rest of my life. And I will do it with a happy heart because I know for certain that people’s lives are being touched in a very positive way.”
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Demetrios Tzortzis
Live To Prosper
Reston, Virginia 20191
United States.


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Demetrios Tzortzis
Live To Prosper

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