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China's IT Giant Enters Software Outsourcing Business

China(prwindow)- September 09 2007 -Founder Software, software branch of China's Founder Group, becomes the latest player in the outsourcing industry.
Suzhou, China (Sept 9, 2007) - With the rapidly growing outsourcing market, there are more outsourcing service providers in the industry than ever before. As a direct challenger to Indian’s outsourcing leadership, it is not surprising that one of the new significant players is Founder Group, an IT heavyweight from China.

Founder, China's 2nd largest PC maker and leading software solution provider, has entered the outsourcing business through its software branch, Founder Software ( Founder Software is headquartered in Suzhou (80km from Shanghai) with 33,000 ft2 office space, with offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

"Having our programmers located in the 2nd-tier city and our senior architects and system analysts in Beijing, we are able to utilize resources effectively in China and to provide the best valued service to our customers." said Sam Lai, Marketing Manager of North America Services. Founder Software is focusing its business in the North American market and it has already established offices in a number of US and Canadian cities.

One of the challenges Chinese vendors facing is the lack of exposure to the North American customers. "One of our immediate goals is to increase our market presence and brand-awareness. In the next few months, our executives will be traveling across the continent attending conferences in New York, Montreal, Boston and Silicon Valley. We will also be an exhibitor at this year's OutsourceWorld - New York on October 24th & 25th." said Lai.

As the cost of outsourcing projects to India rises steadily, multi-nationals are looking for new outsourcing destinations. Chinese vendors like Founder Software could be well-positioned to capitalize on this latest outsourcing trend.


About Founder Software
Founder Software (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a provider of software outsourcing service, specializing in the development of web-based applications, enterprise applications, client-server systems and system re-engineering and upgrades. It also offers localization and market entry services. Service models include project-based, T&M based and Offshore Development Center. For company info, visit:

Sam Lai, Marketing Manager


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Sam Lai
Founder Software

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