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Co-developer of the World Wide Web Joins MTBS Advisory Board

United States(prwindow)- June 24 2008 -Dr. Robert Cailliau, Co-developer of the World Wide Web, Speaks With MTBS About the WWW, 3D Standards, Gaming and the 3D Industry
San Diego, Calif. June 24, 2008 -- Meant to be Seen” (MTBS) is the foremost authority and advocacy group for consumer stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) technology, and is the number one website and resource for both industry and end-users in this field. MTBS is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Robert Cailliau to its Advisory Board. Cailliau co-developed the World Wide Web alongside Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He also played a pivotal role in forming the World Wide Web Consortium and International WWW Conferences.

“MTBS is about building the S-3D industry from the ground up through consumer advocacy, education, and industry relationships. Stereoscopic 3D is very exciting, and it is literally exploding in the gaming industry - but what do you get with explosions? A big mess! The closest parallel I could think of is the World Wide Web, and it’s a great privilege to have its co-developer sharing his valuable experiences on our site,” said Neil Schneider, President & CEO of Meant to be Seen.

“Seeing things in 3D certainly adds to the aesthetic experience. I personally hate shoot-out games, but I can imagine that walking through the classic Riven or Exile labyrinths would be greatly enhanced if it were in 3D,” said Dr. Robert Cailliau, co-developer of the World Wide Web.

Similar to the experience movie goers get in 3D movie theaters, consumer gamers use S-3D technology at home for superior game immersion, visual beauty and game enjoyment. In video games, stereoscopic 3D hardware makes explosions fly out of the screen and adds a depth that makes the screen look like a window rather than a flat projection. Sample hardware includes stereoscopic 3D monitors, head mounted displays, 3D HDTVs and more.

“I think an open consortium for 3D content would be the best way to go. And I say that not because I was involved in the setting up of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), but because I want to put the consumer before the shareholder. There is no point in making things incompatible on purpose…the community itself sets the standards and above all remains deeply involved so as to keep moving forward instead of dying in the rise of a single monopoly,” Dr. Cailliau continued.

MTBS agrees, and has been forming this consortium-like mindset through the game developers and stereoscopic 3D manufacturers.

“Similar to the web, monopolistic attitudes towards S-3D gaming are a short term gain and a long term loss – for everyone. Instead, MTBS has a consumer oriented angle, and our member activity helps demonstrate demand for S-3D technology. We push the idea of standards through non-proprietary programming guidelines, and we award game developers who achieve visual stereoscopic 3D success with complementary MTBS certification and promotion to our growing audience,” Schneider explained.

Dr. Cailliau’s interview went beyond standards and gaming. He also talked about his vision of a potential stereoscopic 3D world wide web:

“I could think of web pages being laid out in 3D, each one being much like a room: the 3D would show better the parts that belong together and at the same time the overall structure of the info on that page. Links could be like doors that lead to other rooms. This would let most people understand the info faster and easier… I'm talking about a single page that expresses a single concept in many aspects and is laid out in 3D.”

MTBS is funded by an unrestricted education grant from iZ3D LLC and TDVision Corp. iZ3D LLC are the makers of the leading 22” stereoscopic 3D gaming monitor and popular S-3D driver software. TDVision Corp manufactures the first HD Head Mounted Display and is the developers of TDVCodec, an innovative stereoscopic 3D distribution system for 3D Hollywood movies in the home. Additional participants are welcome.

Dr. Cailliau has agreed to join MTBS’ advisory board, and is completing his interview with an online demonstration of his personal stereoscopic 3D photo library. He has also made himself available to answer member questions and comments via All interested consumers, game developers, and gaming media are encouraged to learn more about MTBS and what stereoscopic 3D has to offer by visiting, or contact:
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Carol Warren
Antarra Communications
714-891-3660 x14

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