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Drivers, Start Your Engines With MPG CAP That Stretches Your Fuel Dollar

Italy(prwindow)- March 10 2008 -Engine Conditioner Improves Fuel Efficiency Up To 15 Percent And Significantly Reduces Vehicle Emissions
Rome, Italy, March 10,2008--Fuel Freedom International (FFi) released the results from extensive testing of FFi’s MPG-CAP organic engine conditioner caplets confirming that the caplets improve an engine’s fuel economy by as much as 15 percent. The test, by an independent lab, supports FFi’s claims that the MPG-CAP improve an engine’s internal combustion process thus increasing efficiency, improving power, and greatly reducing harmful smog emissions.

“Part of Fuel Freedom’s philosophy is to reduce the impact vehicles have on the environment and boost fuel efficiency for cars, trucks, boats, farm equipment, generators and other engines,” said Randy Ray, CEO of Fuel Freedom International. “These results are great news for consumers interested in reducing the impact all types of gasoline-and diesel-powered engines have on the environment, while saving money at the pump.”

Started on November 2005, FFi has grown into an international company, generating thousands of satisfied consumers each week through a network of more than 230,000 distributors in 224 countries and territories including Japan, Brazil, Great Britain, Korea, Mexico, Australia, Uganda and Thailand.

“While we’ve has great testimonials from thousands of customers since we started the company, it is great to have yet another laboratory prove that MPG-CAP can improve gas mileage and help families reduce their fuel costs,” continued Mr Ray. “With these test results and our 100% money-back guarantee, everyone should be sing this product.”

Fuel Freedom International takes pride in environmental consciousness and earth friendly products. The use of the MPG-CAP has spread wider and faster than predicted, resulting in an explosive growth of the Florida-based company. The product has been in demand and the business opportunity fulfills a desire by many to be entrepreneurs. Independent distributors have an entire line of ECO-friendly products designed specifically to provide excellent results and preserve the environment.

About Fuel Freedom International
Based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Fuel Freedom International (FFi) is a global company operating in 224 countries and territories including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Uganda, Great Britain, Ireland, the EU, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and HongKong. For more information on MPG-CAPS and how to become an FFI distributor visit
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Contact Information:

Marilyn Susan Galit
FFi Independent Distributor
Fuel Freedom International
Via Ravenna 9/C 00161 Rome
+39 3400896629


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Marilyn Susan Galit
Fuel Freedom International
+39 3400896629

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