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United States(prwindow)- January 16 2012 -Electricians of Edison Electric Inc are available twenty-four hours a day to solve the trickiest of issues in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater twin cities in Minnesota. They have earned the appreciation of customers due to their clean and professional services.
New Brighton, Minnesota -- There can be situations when the services of an electrician are needed at a time when most of the offices and shops are closed. People are always concerned about the quality of service that an electrician would provide at that point of time. Edison Electric Inc. has the perfect solution for all the individuals who are in urgent need of an electrician. The company provides 24 hours services to Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater twin cities in Minnesota. The skilled technicians employed by the company arrive on time at the site and solve any of the issues on the spot.
For all the customers of St. Paul electrician from Edison Electric Inc. is the perfect choice for any emergency electrical issues. It is the quality of service from the company's electricians that keeps all the customers satisfied. As soon as they receive a call from any of the customers, whether existing or newer ones, they arrive at the spot on time and solve the issue with utmost dedication. The company provides a dedicated 24 hours service line for all the customers to report any issues and get immediate attention from the company's technicians.
When calling an electrician St. Paul resident always expect the technician to arrive on time and be courteous as well as patient to troubleshoot and solve a problem effectively. The technicians of Edison Electric Inc. always work diligently to solve the trickiest of issues and use the latest equipments in the process. The company undertakes both residential and commercial projects and has received an 'A' rating from the Better Business Bureau. The electricians also perform an 18-point visual safety inspection on request in order to provide additional security and peace of mind for its customers. All the technicians arrive at the doorstep of the customer wearing the company uniform and having proper identification.
Services of Edison Electric Inc. comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Whether the customer is resident of Minneapolis, St. Paul or the greater twin cities in Minnesota, the guarantee remains the same for all. The company being founded on the principles of outstanding service, professionalism and accountability, the technicians always seek to satisfy the customers using these values. Whether the customers need an urgent repair or an upgrade, the technicians of Edison Electric Inc. are always there to help. They always get the kind of service that they need at any point of time. For more information log on to the website


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