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Exclusive Interview with Uri Geller on Criss Angel Challenge Controversy by Houdini Museum

United States(prwindow)- November 30 2007 -World is abuzz with Uri Geller's zeroing in on numbers 911 that was hidden in the envelope magician Criss Angel held up live on NBC TV as a challenge for one million dollars.

Scranton, PA. November 29, 2007. Paranormalist and psychic investigator Dick Brooks, director of thefamous Houdini Museum had an exclusive interview with Geller. Geller said, "I don't know what happened. When Criss Angel challenged me, I suddenly started blurting out dates. It was not rehearsed. Why dates? I have no idea why I did it till now. That's how these things happen to me. The dates or numbers I started to blurt out were 1, 19 which reversed is 911. I also said the numbers 20 and 1, which is close to 2001. What are the odds of that?

The event was live on NBC TV's "Phenomenon", Wednesday night 11/15/07.

Uri Geller (60) amazingly in his rambling after being challenged by Angel (39) for $1,000,000 in less than 18 seconds began to intuitively zero in on the year. He said, "I was born on the 20th" and "A lot of years between us, 40 years" and "I wish you a long, successful 40 years"
Well 20 plus 40, plus 40 is 100 or the extra decimal needed to produce to 2001. Stranger yet, is that Geller made a mistake as they are actually separated by 21 years but that would not have added up to 100.

On this Geller commented, "Maybe if he would not have jumped in and cut me short, I would have zeroed in not only on 911, but the whole year 2001. If I was being tested in a laboratory these all would clearly be considered hits."

The video's popped up on pointing out the hits as they occured.

On another show Angel challenged paranormalist Jim Callahan to tell what was in the envelope. An altercation exploded on national television when they almost came to blows. Brooks interviewed Callahan - "I accepted the challenge through the producers of the PHENOMONON show, as
well as publicly on the NBC forum. But alas no proof Angel has a million in liquid assets to pay out."Press release distribution by PressReleasePoint(

Dick Brooks, psychic investigator, and a director along with magician Dorothy Dietrich of the famous Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA is followING up on the story. Dick Brooks is a well known paranormalist, and director of Scranton's Psychic Theater. The theater is currently
presenting America's longest running and well reviewed paranormal show. The show explores the pros and cons of such events

contact at:

Dick Brooks
Houdini Museum,
1433 N Main Ave,
Scranton, PA 18508
(570) 342-5555


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Dick Brooks
Houdini Museum
(570) 342-5555

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