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United Kingdom(prwindow)- March 11 2009 -Filmmaking community opens investment in “Michael’s Resignation” movie to the public to help them fight the “credit crunch”
LONDON – A community of young British filmmakers are offering the public the chance to invest in their feature film production to help them make themselves money during the recession. They hope to give back 10-20 times what is invested back to those who help them raise the £50,000 necessary to pay for the crew, camera equipment and special effects, even to those who contribute as little as £10.

A piece of the film can be bought securely online through the movie’s website, There are 50,000 “units” available and they are priced at £1.00 each. Anyone can invest as little as £5.00.

The movie, called “Michael’s Resignation”, is a dark Tarantino-esque psychological thriller inspired by the near-collapse of Halifax/HBOS Bank in September 2008, and written collaboratively online by over 60 unknown young screenwriters from all over the world.
Uniquely, the film is designed as a platform to promote unknown talent and is to be produced deliberately with only undiscovered actors, unknown production staff and a soundtrack of only unsigned bands.

Its writers describe it as a “powerful and savage critique of contemporary British life, as well as a damning social commentary on the emotional effects of recession.”

Producer Alex Cameron said, “Typically, investment in something as profitable and with a return timescale as movies has been limited to the super-rich, whereas we want to open it up to everyone to invest in, just like the stock market. In a time where everyone seems to want to take money from you, we want to give people a way to make it back, help make people’s dreams come true, and find hope.”

Award-winning young director of the film, Joby Stephens, commented, “It’s about time a script and film came along to dislocate the association that the world has to the British film industry. Dozens of amazingly talented people who have been unknown until now will have the chance they have craved for so long to make their first mark on the world. ”


Notes to Editors:

• The concept of funding and producing a project with a large amount of contributors is known as “crowdsourcing” (

• “Michael’s Resignation” is just the first episode from a series of 7 modern-day film parables collectively titled “Multivalence” written by Alex Cameron in 2008 and set in the UK around the 21st century recession, or so-called “credit crunch”.

• Anyone from the public can buy into the movie online via its website, please include the address in any publicity:


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