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Taiwan, Province of China(prwindow)- June 30 2008 -Fulgent knows its ongoing dedication to advanced OEM cables and wires manufacturing techniques and complete service lead to customers' success. To provide more detailed information, Fulgent is looking forward to meeting more customers at China International Industry Fair this year.
Specializing in cable and wires manufacturing with great reputation many years, Fulgent Electronic moves up another notch to meet more customers at China International Industry Fair from November 4th -8th of this year. It plans to represent verity of products during exhibition and seeks more cooperations with oversea customers.

“Driven by customers value and needs, we aim to provide high standard of quality and cost effective products to our clients. By detailed communication with clients and our professional technique ability, we believe our products can match customers requirements precisely including special gauge, form, material and color.” Fulgent Electronic Senior Sales, Annie Chung, said.

Fulgent started signal cables production in 1995, it has granted UL, CSA certifications and IECQ registration. In order to meet customers demand, Fulgent develops comprehensive products such as control cables, LSFH & rubber cables, PVC insulated cables, analog multi-pair snake & microphone cables, keyboard cables and speaker cables. Fulgent achieves over 500,000 dollars in annual sales and builds its prestige throughout the world. Up to now, it has cooperated with Formosa Plastic Group and successfully supported many customers on public construction projects in Taiwan. Fulgent has more customers from China, South Asia, U.S.A, Canada, for examples, GE Energy, BRTB Inc., a leading audio cables manufacturer in Canada and U.S., Baton Digital Electronic, EMX Industries Inc., Thomas Electronic. For catering to growing customers needs, Fulgent also sets up a sales office and factory occupied with 2500 level ground in Shanghai, China, which increases working efficiency as well as offers fast services.

To support high volume production, Fulgent invests a lot of effort in Taiwan and China factories, it not only receives ISO 9001 certification but be well equipped with stranding machines, high speed fine cable making machines, extrude machines, bunching machines, auto cutting and stripping machines, Fulgent also insists on its working process meet the toughest international standard from raw material selection, IQC, IPQC, to OQC.

Fulgent attaches great importance to product inspection, all cables and wires have to pass Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test, Heat Resistance Test, Tensile Strength Test and Elongation Test, which guarantees great durability and long life cycle of products. In addition to long-standing cooperation with local upstream suppliers, material such as aluminum, cooper, PVC, PE, polyethylene foam, nylon are abundantly supplied.

Fulgent believes cable plays an important part to enhance performance of video and audio system, in particular, its video & audio complex cables are made with bare copper conductors, PE insulated and PVC jacked for external, various colors include white, red, black, green, yellow and blue can be done finely, a wide range of specification is available by special order. Fulgent microphone cables, guitar cables and speaker cables are also well received in the oversea markets.

Another top choice to satisfy customers from variety of industries, Fulgent LSFH (low smoke free-halogen) Coaxial Cable has shows its good value, it can be used as power cables, automotive accessories, control cables, insulated cables, coaxial cables and instrument cables and applied to airport, hospital, theater, under ground, metro systems. The smoke density of LSFH cable only reaches at 50-100DM after ASTM E662 Test , which is low smoke and less environmental pollution. According to NES713 standard, LSFH would not generate toxic or corrosive combustion gases, and no threats to human health. Fulgent definitely promises for use-safety products to customers.

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