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Gaia Ajax Widgets Announces TRANQUILITY Release

United States(prwindow)- February 27 2008 -Gaiaware is pleased to announce the TRANQUILITY release of Gaia Ajax Widgets for developing rich web functionality in no time.
California, US, Feb 27, 2008--Gaia Ajax Widgets allows you to build Ajax applications at a fraction of the time you spent in the past. The framework is built on top of the native ASP.NET server controls. Thus, Gaia Ajax Widgets interacts fully with the page rendering cycle allowing developers to edit properties in any widget on a page from any event handler of any widget on that same page. Gaia Ajax Widgets is 100% Mono compatible and therefore works on Linux in addition to the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Dramatic Performance Increase
Gaia Ajax Widgets witnesses widespread adoption and today has customers and users worldwide. Huge and demanding environments running Gaia Ajax Widgets today report an improved performance of 12 to 15 times compared to that of Microsoft's ASP.NET Ajax. A recent customer, Multicase, by Odd Henrik Aasen says: "Gaia returned the investment within a month."

New Trial for All
All existing users, as well as former trial users, have now been given an extended window of opportunity to experience the renewed power of Gaia. The current trial offering is a "commercial trial", i.e. every user gets full support via e-mail and the online forum. To keep up with running demand the team behind Gaia Ajax Widgets runs regular interactive webcasts.

Commercial or GPL License
Gaia Ajax Widgets is dual licensed, thus providing freedom and openness through a proprietary or Open Source (GPL) license.

Revenue Before Investment
The business model behind Gaia Ajax Widgets has been tested thoroughly through interaction with partners and is adapted to fit the individual needs of Consulting companies, Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) as well as single or private users. This has, among others, been done by providing a unique identifier (serial key) either per developer or per domain/server, allowing partners in any case to first make money and then engage in close collaboration with Gaiaware. Combined with a learning curve equal to zero, partners are literally up and running from the moment the software has been installed.

Powerful and Simple
The TRANQUILITY release includes highlights such as a setup and installation wizard, out-of-the-box Visual Studio integration, 400 unit tests making it work flawlessly in all popular browsers, updated samples and an improved support program to ensure successful implementations on a running basis. Says Vidar Top, responsible for marketing: "We simply want every customer and user to have an amazing experience. This is the best way to market this unique and groundbreaking technology."

About Gaiaware
Gaiaware is a company in Norway dedicated to delivering high quality software for web application builders. The company's main office is in Skien, Norway. Gaiaware is also located in Oslo, Norway, Leeds, UK as well as in Alexandria, Egypt. Gaiaware delivers cutting edge web development and excellent service to support it. The team has doubled the last 3 months and consists of employees from 5 different nations. The company is privately owned by its employees.
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E. Vidar Top
California, United States.
+47 98298854


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E. Vidar Top
+47 98298854

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