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Get environment friendly solar water heater

New Zealand(prwindow)- January 19 2009 -Enrich description and demonstration of the product is an identity of a good company. is certainly stands ahead from all other rival products. Recently it has upgraded its stock with few more new quality products and hence issued a press release.
Auckland (16th January, 2009): Who does not want to save money and energy? Hence, solar water heater is the ideal appliance for you. EESI (Environment & Energy Study Institute) also claimed that solar water heater would recover all its cost within eight years and last up to forty years. Moreover, it is environment friendly as well. Experts believe that amount of carbon emitted by non solar water heater and cars or bikes are almost equal. So, there are huge demands of solar water heater in the market and in spite of huge rush company like prominently marks its presence due to quality product and services. Recently it has announced all new range of environment friendly solar water heater.

The company spokesperson shared numerous informative points with press and media pertaining to solar water heater. Let’s have a glimpse upon them:
• According to the quote of spokesperson; solar heating systems are of two types, ‘active and passive’.
• Circulating pumps and controls are required in active type of solar heating system on the contrary; passive does not required such stuffs.
• A storage tank with insulated wall is essential for the solar water heaters. Insulated wall keeps water hot for longer hours.
• Solar collector is the most crucial part of solar water heater. Its major function is to grab energy from the sun and concentrate in the storage tank. This process is known as passive solar power system.
• Now apart from solar heating system, if we talk about solar water heater then again we will find its two types, two tank & one tank water heater.
• There are various designs of solar collectors. Flat-plate is more popular. Preferably, it should be fixed on the roof pointed towards south direction.

Such enrich description and demonstration of the product is an identity of a good company. is certainly stands ahead from all other rival products. One should try water heaters from rinnai without any hesitation. Detailed product report can be obtained through online request from the official website of The website has separate webpage of its services and terms and conditions.


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