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Green Concepts & Christmas Concepts Drastically Reduces Prices

United States(prwindow)- January 24 2008 -Green Concepts & Christmas Concepts, The Plant Rental Franchise and the Christmas Rental Franchise is a company offering an inexpensive home-based business opportunity renting Plants.
SAN LUIS OBISPO,CA, Jan 24,2008--The Plant Rental Franchise & The Christmas Rental Franchise (the “Company”) announced this week that it has made a drastic reduction of its prices in response to more Americans than ever before looking for affordable home based businesses. The Company intends to maintain this dramatic- price reduction for the next several weeks. The Company states that corporate America will seek Plant & Christmas Rental services now more than ever before to maintain the illusion of success and affluence in a slowing economy. As a result, it expects this opportunity to help budding entrepreneurs thrive with this Interior Plant and Christmas Rentals Company faster than ever before in 2008.

Noted Pamela Dorn, President and CEO, “It has been the goal of Green & Christmas Concepts from its inception to make our programs as affordable to the average American family as possible. We feel strongly that as an American we will need to work together and this is something that our company can do on a temporary basis to continue to change peoples lives forever.”

About Green Concepts & Christmas Concepts

Green Concepts & Christmas Concepts, The Plant Rental Franchise and the Christmas Rental Franchise is a company offering an inexpensive home-based business opportunity renting Plants and Christmas decorations to hotels, banks, restaurants, car dealerships, retirement homes, medical facilities and more.. The Company is focusing its efforts in providing the average Americans a well-established and highly demanded business opportunity at an affordable price. The company is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California. It has a “AAA” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has over 800 licensees worldwide successfully operating their own home-based business. For more information, visit or


Pamela Dorn
President and CEO
Green Concepts & Christmas Concepts
United States.
(888) 782-0020


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Pamela Dorn
Green Concepts & Christmas Concepts
(888) 782-0020

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