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GreenMaker Putting Greens Announced By Turf Evolutions

United States(prwindow)- January 10 2008 -GreenMaker Greens, an innovative, indoor or outdoor putting green system more than 10 years in development, has been launched by Turf Evolutions, a national synthetic turf company based in Cumming, GA.
Cumming, GA,Jan 10 2008 -- GreenMaker’s patented greens are the simplest to use, most realistic modular putting greens on the market, said John Knox, Turf Evolutions Vice President. “One can be set up in minutes in a home, business or recreational setting to allow an authentic putting green experience. It can even be packed up and taken on a trip, or event. The materials we use, while synthetic, are so realistic in the feel provided to the golfer, they closely simulate the natural putting green experience with great realism.

GreenMaker Greens are available in a variety of sizes from 6x10 feet to 14X18, and start at under $1,000.
Studies have shown that golfers spend about 45 percent of their strokes on or around the green during a typical round of golf, Knox said. “If you want to lower your score, the surest way to do this is by improving your putting. Now you can sharpen your strokes in the privacy of your own home or business with this convenient system. Or you can use it to entertain your customers, employees or friends. By saving on golfing fees, it can even pay for itself in less than a year.

GreenMaker putting greens were invented through many years of experimentation by Knox, an avid golfer. He started as a child perfecting his putting stroke on a wood platform covered with carpet and a hole in one end. Over the years he worked to create a putting green that would look, feel and perform like the finest country club natural grass greens. He received his first patent in 1997 and continued to refine the product, so that now it is available for purchase as “the most satisfying, do-it-yourself putting green available,” Knox said.

Starting with a Berrasof™ core, a proprietary foam panel that offers strength, flexibility and realistic feel beneath the highest-quality synthetic bent grass manufactured today, the GreenMaker™ is designed to closely mimic the experience of playing on a high-quality natural grass green. It can be used indoor or out, in any location at any time of the year.

“GreenMaker Greens provide an ideal activity for indoor recreation areas, golf club pro shops and clubhouses, automobile showrooms, as well as many other business or recreational locations,” Knox said. “Additionally, we can also customize each GreenMaker by installing your company logo or crest in the putting surface.”
For more information, visit or call 1-866-966-8873 toll free.

About Turf Evolutions, The Company Behind GreenMaker Greens
GreenMaker Greens are manufactured and distributed by Turf Evolutions, a national distributor and installer of synthetic turf, also known as artificial grass. Turf Evolutions was founded by industry executives with expertise in various related fields - fiber technology, turf manufacturing, civil engineering, earthworks construction and turf installation. With over 20 years of experience, the company offers a full range of low-maintenance, high-performance alternative turf solutions, from putting greens to landscape areas to athletic fields. Learn more at
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