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Huesday returns this spring

India(prwindow)- February 26 2008 -Second huesday is going to be launched by indiatimes, which provides platform for the emerging talents to exhibit their work, and sharing ideas of critics, maestros from the world of art.
On Thursday, February 28th, will launch the opening day of huesdayfeb in Delhi, featuring artists Yati Jaiswal and K Jagjit Singh. Huesdays will be monthly exhibits celebrating works of emerging talent, with the aim to create a platform for the exchange of ideas between fresh talent, acclaimed maestros, critics, collectors & eager novices, and have a blast while at it. Running from the last Thursday to Sunday of every month, huesdays are dedicated to the celebration of art.
After the phenomenal success of huesdayjanuary, the Indiatimes pick of artists for its second huesday come from varying design sensibilities. Thirty-year-old Yati Jaiswal, an alumnus of Delhi College Of Arts, will display his socio-political futuristic works on the deteriorating world order. Seasoned landscape artist K Jagjit Singh’s work depicting the mountains of Ladakh, Kumaon & the Nilgiris have been a favorite with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other high profile collectors. The works of both artists have shown exponential critical & financial appreciation in art markets worldwide.
Huesdayfeb will be opened at F Bar and Lounge, The Ashok, New Delhi on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. A detailed compendium on the life & works of Yati Jaiswal & K Jagjit Singh thus far with literary contributions by art critics Suneet Chopra and Johny ML will also be launched.
Kingfisher First will reprise its role as title sponsor with F Bar & Lounge, The Ashok, New Delhi assuming the role of host and hospitality partner. Beverage sponsors Chantilli will round off the class act that huesdayfeb promises to be.
The huesdayfeb exhibit will remain on view at F Bar & Lounge, The Ashok, New Delhi till Sunday, March 2nd.


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