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InspiNation: The world as a global community

Germany(prwindow)- March 14 2008 -With his individual art project, InspiNation, Düsseldorf artist Dirk Jakobs is hoping to take part in this year’s Pangea Day – the world’s largest film screening. These short films have one aim: to promote tolerance among the cultures of the world.
Düsseldorf, Germany,March,14,2008 -- The dimensions are impressive: On 10th May 2008, in public viewings, in cinemas, on the internet, or simply on their mobile phones, several million people from Rio de Janeiro to Kigali, from London to Ramallah and from New York to Tel Aviv will see a series of short films produced independently by thousands of people. These short films have one aim: to promote tolerance among the cultures of the world. Over 1,000 videos produced for Pangea Day ( are already available for viewing on YouTube.

One of the participants is Düsseldorf artist Dirk Jakobs. He wants to support the aims of Pangea Day with his art project, InspiNation ( InspiNation consists of abstract art works that can be viewed on Jakobs’ website and a music video, which aims to clarify the basic idea of one global community. “We are all parts of inspiring nations, which enrich one another with their diversity, if the focus is placed not on the differences but on what we have in common,” Jakobs explains. Jakobs sees the fact that people from different cultures and nations are aware of this intellectual treasure as something to counteract the frequently sobering and small-minded reality created by the political classes all over the world. “No-one is our enemy and no-one is a stranger. I hope the new art series will contribute to our understanding of planet earth as a single entity, in which we all have an important role to play,” says Jakobs.

About the artist:

Dirk Jakobs, born in 1973, qualified media designer since 1993, worked for Frese Edeldruck in Düsseldorf from 1989-1999. In 1994, he held a post with Pindar Media Service Provider in Scarborough; he was a cultural representative for Walt Disney in the Epcot-Center in Orlando, USA from 1995-1996. Since 1999, he has been the Lead Designer in the Graphics Department of a management consultancy operating globally and based in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he passes on his experience as an advisor at training courses for the improvement of creative processes. Since 2006, Dirk Jakobs has officially practised his business as an abstract painting artist and his work can be seen in various exhibitions. Dirk Jakobs lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany
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Video "InspiNation":

For more information, please contact:

Dirk Jakobs
Lichtenbroicher Weg 149
Fax +49-211-682408


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Dirk Jakobs

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