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Interview With Guido Spadafora from Nip and Tuck Panama about Butt Implants and Bioplasty

United States(prwindow)- April 17 2008 -Dr Guido Spadafora the first to perform Bioplasty procedure in Panama for the Medical Tourist.
Panama, 17 April, 2008 -- Dr. Guido Spadafora was recently interviewed by Nip and Tuck Panama and was asked the following questions about Bioplasty the Revolutionary new Plastic Surgery procedure available to the Medical Tourist coming to Panama for Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Spadafora believes this is a new beginning for the Medical Tourist and for those contemplating Cosmetic Surgery. Bioplasty, the plastic surgery without cuts, which can be applied to the face and the body. Minimal delay in returning to routine, it doesn't need great anesthesia, it allows the patient to return to his routine immediately after the procedure.

Bioplasty (Plastic Surgery) without cuts can be divided into three

Bioplasty - Beauty Improvement. Bioplasty can treat the face and the body.

Bioplasty- Rejuvenation. Redefining the jaw line , correcting wrinkles and folds , recovering the volume of the hands, Bioplasty turns back the hands of time.

Bioplasty - Corrective The technique allows to correct aesthetic defects as the shape of the nose, the volume of the lips, the retracted chin, and the jaw line without surgery.

Dr. Spadafora told Nip and Tuck Panama that Bioplasty procedure could be used to fill creases in the forehead permanently. It could also be used for upper and lower Blepharoplasty, usually done in conjunction with Plastic surgery giving excellent results. Dr Spadafora has combined liposuction with contouring of the chin and jaw line with bioplasty.
Dr Spadafora went onto say that Bioplasty is permanent which is a great bonus for the Medical Tourist and that the results can be seen immediately.(there is a very small amount of swelling, but the recovery is fast).

Another very popular procedure amongst Medical Tourist has been the Latin Butt Lift, for people with saggy butts a procedure to correct this is called Brazilian butt lift or Latin butt lift. During this procedure the doctors correct excess fat deposits, loose skin, and weak muscles.
Usually this plastic surgery is performed in combination with other procedures such as liposuction to contour the body and liposuction on the thighs to remove the excess fat. It is not a common procedure, but it is gradually gaining popularity. It may also be part of a body lift.

These Plastic Surgery procedures and more are now being performed by Dr. Guido Spadafora. To find out what else is available to the Medical Tourist and where contact us at
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