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Intrago Corporation And Ego Vehicles Announce Strategic Partnership

United States(prwindow)- December 12 2007 -eGO Vehicles and Intrago Corporation announced their strategic partnership to integrate eGO’s electric cycles with Intrago’s Rental and Management Systems for personal electric vehicles.
Anaheim, CA,December12,2007---eGO Vehicles, the makers of eGO and Helio electric cycles and one of the longest running companies in the light electric transportation business, exhibited its versatile line of High-Performance Electric Cycles at EVS-23 in Anaheim on December 2-4, 2007, featuring its top-of-the-line model in the Ride and Drive event, and made several exciting new product and partnership announcements.

eGO and Intrago exhibited an Intrago mobile demonstration system with eGO Electric Cycles in eGO’s booth space. eGO and Intrago demonstrated an automated vehicle rental system which will offer eGO electric cycles.

Intrago offers a simple and efficient way to obtain zero-emission vehicles for short trips. Intrago’s proprietary, patent-pending system allows a customer to choose any available vehicle secured at any charging station, unlock the vehicle of their choice with a single 'key' right at the vehicle, and immediately ride away.

Other exciting announcements included product line additions such as the new Lithium battery option providing substantial weight reduction and extended range to eGO’s cycles, and the new Three-Wheel and Chopper versions of the eGO Cycle.

The Three-Wheel version opens up a range of commercial business opportunities for eGO Vehicles. It also extends the product line into the senior and partially disabled markets by providing a product with greatly enhanced stability.

eGO’s electric cycles are world-renown for their high quality of workmanship, reliability and power as well as for their comfort, safety, ease of use and low operating and ownership costs.

“As we see higher gas prices and greater concerns for the environment people are increasingly seeking affordable, reliable and clean transportation alternatives. eGO’s electric cycles present a great option for fast, friendly, fun, green transportation,” according to Kris Sorensen, Partner in eGO Vehicles.

“There are so many new markets and opportunities for eGO’s Vehicles. Commuters especially love them and so do recreationalists,” added Sorensen. eGO’s vehicles have two speeds, GO FAR and GO FAST. In GO FAR mode the top speed is 17mph with a range of 20-25 miles. In GO FAST mode the top speed is 24 mph with a range of 15-20 miles. Acceleration is always smooth and quiet, achieving zero to 20 mph in under 4 seconds.

Whisper silent and built to last, the eGO and Helio electric cycles are an exciting way to get around. The eGO cycle is road legal and can be registered anywhere in the US. Loaded with safety features, in many states they don’t have to be registered at all.

About eGO Vehicles

eGO Vehicles, the makers of eGO and Helio electric cycles, is entering its 8th year in business and production of its high-performance cycles – one of the longest running companies in the light electric transportation industry. eGO and Helio vehicles are available in the U.S. and internationally through a growing dealer network.

About Intrago Corporation

Intrago Corporation is an electric vehicle systems company offering right-sized, economical transportation options for people to move about local environments. The company’s patent-pending offerings under development include automated rental and vehicle management systems for small, personal electric vehicles such as electric scooters, electric bicycles, and a range of other local vehicle options.
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David Goldschmidt
Intrago Corporation
Anaheim, CA
303-901-4407 x23


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David Goldschmidt
Intrago Corporation
303-901-4407 x23

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