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Introducing Blue Comet Cafe: The Premier Virtual Music Venue!

United States(prwindow)- January 14 2008 -Blue Comet Café is a virtual showcase club for on-the-verge touring and recording artists. Videotaped live, the Blue Comet’s “Main Stage” artists play the best traditional venues in the country.
Los Angeles,CA, Jan 14,2008--Thanks to the advances of technology and streaming video online, Blue Comet Cafe takes elements of what radio used to do, breaking new artists, and combines that with a social networking environment and a global reach that only the Internet can provide.

Blue Comet Café is a virtual showcase club for on-the-verge touring and recording artists. Videotaped live, the Blue Comet’s “Main Stage” artists play the best traditional venues in the country with new songs and interview segments rotated on a regular basis.

’”When you think of the best concerts you've ever seen, a lot of times it involves an artist who is just finding their audience, performing in a relatively small club for a few hundred people. Everyone wishes they had seen Bruce Springsteen at The Main Point in Philadelphia or Elton John at the Troubadour in Los Angeles or Norah Jones at The Bitter End in New York City when they were just starting out. The fact is you have to be at the right place at the right time and if you live in a smaller market, you're probably out of luck. That’s no longer true thanks to Blue Comet Café,” states co-founder Tom Crosthwaite.

In mid-February, Blue Comet Café will introduce their unique social networking capabilities where visitors, musicians, singer-songwriters, bands and fans will create their own profile pages, upload photos, bios, audio files and video clips. They will make friends, create groups and forums, and interact with like minded artists and fans worldwide.

This week’s featured artist is Nashville based Billy Patrick, who is part singer-songwriter, part one-man-band and part street musician. Anyway you look at it, he’s a whole lot of music, and his performance captured at Blue Comet Café is nothing short of spectacular!

There are future plans to periodically produce shoots where Blue Comet Cafe will videotape several artists for presentation on the Main Stage. The next shoot is tentatively planned for Los Angeles with Boston, Nashville, Austin and Toronto on the list of cities to visit.
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