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LeadPro Email Marketing And Lead Management Service Integrates Ad Conversion Tracking

United States(prwindow)- May 20 2008 -LeadPro Email Marketing and Lead management service introduces Conversion Tracking feature which will help customers such as Advertising Agencies and Publishers to track the Lead Conversion from email marketing campaigns without third party tracking tools.
Troy, MI, May 20, 2008 -- LeadPro, a division of Troy based Email Marketing, Lead Management and Marketing Automation technology services firm, today announced the introduction of Conversion Tracking feature to its flagship email marketing and lead management suite of services. LeadPro customers can track the lead conversions resulting from the email newsletters and advertisement messages delivered via LeadPro Email Marketing.

Customers using the LeadPro Email Marketing and Lead Management subscription services, available at www.LeadPro247.Com, can track the conversion and see the email marketing ROI immediately. This eliminates the need for costly and complex third party conversion tracking tools. Customers can view the conversion tracking and campaign analytics reports in a consolidated manner in one place without juggling between applications.

LeadPro Email Lists can be associated with one or more advertisers (or sponsors) as necessary and required tracking code snippet can be generated for each advertiser in a couple of clicks. The tracking code can be pasted into the web pages or web sites to be tracked, similar to the Google Analytics tracking code integration. The tracking feature can be turned on or off for each email campaign. Detailed tracking reports are integrated with the email campaign performance reports. The conversion feature will be a major advantage for Advertising Agencies, Web Publishers and Lead Generation companies to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and measure the ROI.

LeadPro also provides custom configuration and consulting services for customers who need assistance with implementing LeadPro for advanced email marketing and lead management purposes. More information on LeadPro Conversion Tracking feature can be obtained from http://www.LeadPro247.Com, via email from Sales@AnaghaGroup.Com or by calling 1-877-9-LEADPRO.

About LeadPro

LeadPro, a division of Troy based Anagha Group, available at www.AnaghaGroup.Com, provides the entire range of services in Email Marketing and Lead Management domain. Since the LeadPro on-demand tool is an integrated database, customers can capture leads, distribute, follow-up and track sales leads, manage opt-in and unsubscribe processes, organize email campaigns with professionally designed HTML and text email newsletters and promotions, track the results, measure the campaign effectiveness, track the conversions and get a unified view of their prospects and clients. LeadPro is provided as a subscription based on-demand service suitable for all sizes of business organizations.

With no commitments or long term contracts, customer can utilize the 30 days trial period to test drive the permission based email marketing and lead management service before signing up for the pay-as-you-use subscription service. Enterprise level customers can avail custom services and configuration support for integrating lead management and email marketing. LeadPro provides enterprise class services at affordable price. Advertising agencies, marketing service firms, lead generation web site services and direct marketing agencies can leverage the LeadPro service to significantly improve their online marketing capabilities on behalf of their clients.

Direct users such as home builders, realtors and real estate services, mortgage brokerage services, legal firms, contractors and remodeling companies leverage the integrated email marketing and lead management functions of LeadPro.

Anagha Group is a marketing and sales technology services provider. Other services provided by Anagha Group include event operations and administration solutions, membership management, event registration, payment processing and analytic solutions.
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Paddu Govindaraj
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LeadPro Email Marketing

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