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Los Angeles Producer Acquires Film Rights For Adventure Novel

United States(prwindow)- May 16 2008 -Los Angeles film producer, Tony Eldridge, acquires the film rights for the action/adventure novel, The Samson Effect. The author and producer connect in a way that even Hollywood could not script
DALLAS, TX, May 16, 2008 -- Producer Tony Eldridge has acquired the film right to
The Samson Effect, the first in a series of action adventure novels by.......Tony
Eldridge. No, that's not a typo just an amazing coincidence and fortuitous turn
of events.

"I started getting emails congratulating me on my soon to be published first
novel, interesting only because I hadn't written one," said Los Angeles
based film producer Tony Eldridge. By doing some research, he discovered there was
a Texas based writer also named Tony Eldridge. The premise of his upcoming book and
some pre-publication reviews (one by best-selling author Clive Cussler) sounded
interesting so the producer contact the author and requested a copy .

He was amazed by how good the story was. "I couldn't put it down, read it
cover to cover in one evening and the next morning made a deal for the film rights.
Finding great material is what it's all about. It's like panning for gold,
you just never know when you're going to get lucky or where that nugget is
going to come from."

How close did these two Tony Eldridges come to passing each other as two ships in
the night? Author Tony Eldridge said, "When the time came to put my name on the
book, I had it narrowed to three: Tony Eldridge, Robert Eldridge {Robert is his
first name}, or the pen name of Benjamin Rytin."

Had the author chosen to go with Benjamin Rytin or Robert Eldridge instead of Tony
Eldridge, it is unlikely that the producer Tony Eldridge would have ever come across
The Samson Effect.

This isn't the first time that producer Eldridge has hit the Mother Load. He is
currently producing the feature films, The Equalizer, with Mace Neufled, Harvey
Weinstein and Michael Sloan, Patient Number One with Zucker Productions for HBO
Pictures as well as The War Magician, Just Desserts and Old Dicks for his Lonetree
Entertainment shingle.

Tony Eldridge, author, grew up in Westfield, IN and now lives in Forney, TX. The
Samson Effect is currently available on,, or at any
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Contact Information:

Tony Eldridge
Samson Effect
Dallas, TX


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Tony Eldridge
Samson Effect

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