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Many With Terminal Illnesses Believe In Miracles Because Of Todd Stockwell

United States(prwindow)- February 04 2008 -Todd Stockwell brings his Miraculous PowerBeyond Core Healing and Empowerment Training Program to Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 21-24.
Fort Lauderdale, FL, Feb 04,2008--Todd Stockwell brings his Miraculous PowerBeyond Core Healing and Empowerment Training Program to Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 21-24. Stockwell’s PowerBeyond Programs are worldwide. The impact they have had in the schools with children considered ADD/ADHD, Autistic, and all the other children as well is tremendous. The many with terminal illnesses that are no longer terminal will attest to the power of this work. Todd has been an expert on Wisdom Radio, and is scheduled to present on Donald Trump’s new website about succeeding in the New Paradigm. He has had great success with actors, professional athletes, and with those who just want a better life.

His programs are both fun and life altering. Todd will also be presenting at Expo Of Heart on Sunday, February 24, and do private sessions at booth 111.

“Todd Stockwell is a Master Teacher, and from my observation, is solely here to bring Light, Love, and Personal Empowerment to the planet. I have been to his trainings, as well as, had private sessions with him. THIS IS The Reconnection. The Real One! If you feel out of touch at times with your personal power, have anything out of balance in your life, or just want to reach further, to the space BEYOND, call Todd. Remember the movie "The Matrix?" When Keanu Reeves would step into the pay phone booth to connect to HOME? That's been my experience with this healer from the future. I am defragged, rebooted, recharged, rewired, and REWARDED! Rewarded for being me” --Kaira S., Michigan
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Kaira S.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
United States.


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Kaira S.

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