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Medical Tourist Has Cosmetic Surgery Correction in Turkey

United States(prwindow)- January 02 2008 -WorldMed Assist assisted Tina Iovene in flying to Turkey to take advantage of having quality cosmetic surgery at less than half the price she’d been quoted in the U.S.
Staten Island, New York,Jan 02,2008-- -- Medical Tourism company WorldMed Assist ( assisted Tina Iovene in flying to Turkey to take advantage of having quality cosmetic surgery at less than half the price she’d been quoted in the U.S. Just ten days after her departure, she was back home, healing quickly from dual surgeries: correction to the rhinoplasty done in the U.S. four years ago, and breast augmentation.

“When I smiled, my nose was crooked, and it was hard to breathe on one side,” Iovene said. “My doctor in the U.S. wasn’t interested in redoing the surgery—he said I was too picky, and my nose was fine. But it didn’t feel right, and it didn’t look right and I wanted it corrected. I started researching how much it would cost to fix in the U.S., along with breast augmentation I’d been planning. I learned that both procedures would cost about $18,000 in the U.S., and I checked prices in several states.”

Iovene took to the Internet to investigate overseas options, and found a few websites offering medical travel options that appealed to her. But of the three she zeroed in on, only one——clearly stood out for the quality destinations and friendly and professional customer service it offered. Through WorldMed Assist she learned she could have both procedures done at the brand new Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey with a highly skilled plastic surgeon.

“It’s not hard to find stories in the media about cosmetic surgery done abroad that U.S. cosmetic surgeons later have to fix,” said Wouter Hoeberechts, CEO of WorldMed Assist. “But here’s a case where her surgery four years ago in the U.S. did not have the desired outcome, and a highly qualified surgeon in Turkey was able to correct the situation.”

“I was very comfortable with both of my decisions: going to Turkey, and having WorldMed Assist put it all together for me,” she said. Contributing to her comfort level was learning that Anadolu is internationally accredited and has a strategic partnership with a major US Academic Medical Center.

WorldMed Assist arranged a teleconference between Iovene and Dr. Emekli after transmitting her medical records and photos to Anadolu. “The surgeon assured me everything I wanted to accomplish was achievable. In fact, he picked up on some issues about the rhinoplasty I hadn’t even noticed,” she said. “He was very observant, and I felt completely comfortable with him. WorldMed Assist then handled all the arrangements, so all I had to do was pack and board the plane.”

She was equally impressed with the hospital once she arrived. “It’s very modern, and didn’t look like any hospital in the U.S. I’d ever seen,” she said. “Inside, it is very airy and warm. My room looked out onto a beautiful sea.”
She found the people at Anadolu as warm as her surroundings. “Everyone was very helpful throughout my stay. If I needed anything, all I had to do was ask. The nurses were attentive and helpful, and if English was ever an issue, a translator was always nearby to help.”

During recovery, her liaison gave her a day-long tour of the city and took her out to dinner. But mostly, she was more a medical traveler than medical tourist. “I didn’t much feel like walking around with a cast on my nose,” she said.
By the time she arrived home, the scar on her nose had disappeared, and scars under her breasts were quickly fading. “I’m a pretty good healer,” she said. Tina’s mom is equally impressed with her daughter’s results and based on her recommendation is in the process of having WorldMed Assist put a package together for her.

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