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Germany(prwindow)- March 12 2008 -Mygreatworld's Open, Fast & Free Photo-Community For Bolivia
Just a couple of days after opened up Belgium to the community now Bolivia fills one of the few remaining gaps in the worldmap of MyGreatWorld.

Haan, Germany, March 12, 2008 -- Even though rich in natural resources Bolivia struggles hard to find its place in the centre of South America, being more famous for major archeological monuments than for the vast amounts of iron, magnesium or natural gas. Outstanding ruins from pre-columbian cultures and famous mines already known by the Incas are only the creamy top of the highlights waiting to be discovered by visitors.

Bolivia is world-famous for its varied and distinctive folklore with some of the annual regional carnivals being No. 1 events in South-America.

Geographically Bolivia offers a surprising variety of different landscapes. Within the Andes and Altiplano about 80% of Bolivia's population lives today but Llanos and Yungas, too, offer a compelling background for inspiring captures.

Whatever the reason for a visit to Bolivia, photos & information from residents and those who know the spot are always welcome, both, to make the best out of a trip and not to miss the secret beauty every location holds: What's worth visiting in El Alto? Where to stay in La Paz? What to do in Oruro? What to avoid on Cochabamba? Users may depict their recommendations on - For tourists. For residents. For friends. Worldwide.

The change of Bolivia and its neighbouring states, as they appear today, is sometimes subtle (and sometimes not). It becomes obvious by comparing the chronological advancement in housing and construction and the varying styles in design and architecture. The further an observer is travelling back in time the more evident growth and progress become. This might be fortunate -- but it is not by default.

Combining these different approaches (to a vast mass of digital photography laying dormant on harddrives around the globe), opens up its services to the community these days to build an online-database of literally any spot in this country. Even the very streets users are living in are subject to continuous changes - and to make these trends visible is one of the goals of the site.

Uploading photos to MyGreatBolivia is map-based, fast and easy allowing the user to add new spots to the database (cities, points of interest, landscapes) on the fly. To make the database work, users are asked for the time (year or even better: year & month) and a category their picture fits in best. Any further description a user enters will be additionally indexed for key-words. The same goes for the photo's title. Structures and designs are straightforward and comprehensible without popup-windows or superfluous gadgets.

Is there a typical architecture in a town? Which hotel is it advisable to stay in? What's a commendable cafe, a museum worth seeing or a beautiful landscape in a spot? The photos might also depict details of a (not) recommendable archaeological site, a folkloristic event, an interesting building or even ‘just’ the own road for those fortunate living in Bolivia.
Users are invited to give a helping hand and insider-guide to future visitors - and maybe even an eye-opener to residents living nearby.

Retrieving information from the database demonstrates that the sites of offer more than a mere pool of pretty pictures: The Advanced Search allows for combinations of various search-parameters including the time of the capture, the motive, the spot, key-words in title or description and even the filtering for a certain photographer.

Users find at all sites of a solid framework to enrich with their photos, recommendations and opinions. The site is a young project and there is a lot of space yet to be filled. This also means users can still be the first to add a new spot and to present the flair of a place to the world, the ambassador for a town, landscape or favourite point of interest.

"The site lives from the users' engagement and from the belief that on an international level there are no 'boring' or unspectacular photos: The world in all its facets is very well worth seeing and what's 'interesting' is in the eye of the beholder..."

Descriptions are fine. But hand in hand with pictures, they are better. And at users might use the combination of both.

When Marco Stuewe and Thorsten Scherff called MyGreat into life their aim was to establish an open and non-commercial platform for every user to share his/her impressions of any place on earth. They wanted to create a database for all the international main destinations which would allow for a simple and fast access both to pictures of a place or landscape and to user-comments on the respective location.

In the course of planning this project, however, they soon had to discover that there were far more spectacular places in the world than they had dared to imagine - ... and that some other fields of interest would round up their database-project nicely. Within a time span of just a few days more than 150 Internet-domains were thought of and registered and are by now constantly and freely offered to the community for the benefit of everyone.
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Thorsten Scherff
MyGreat GbR
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