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New Classifieds and Auction Site Launched

United States(prwindow)- December 31 2008 -New advertisement and auction website launched by AZannunci carrying thousands of ads, registered users may place their advert for free.
New kid on the block AZannunci have launched a free, feature rich and highly secure advertisement and auction site. Registered users may place their advert for free, and the service includes both regular ads and auctions. The internet is populated by a whole host of similar sites, so what makes AZannunci different? Joanne Pedrini, who is a spokesperson for AZannunci had this to say, “Yes, we are aware that competition is incredibly stiff in the on-line auction and advertising marketplace, yet we feel we are bringing something fresh to the game. Our advertisements offer a much richer feature set than other sites, allowing advertisers to place ads which can include video from a variety of sources and in a range of formats, our users may also include documents within their advert as well as images”.

AZannunci have obviously taken quite some time to define the functionality of their new website, this theory is backup up by the attention to security that has enabled AZannunci to promote their advertising and auction site as secure. The site is protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) web browser protocol and carries both the Igra and Safesurf certification logos. Joanne Pedrine tells us that “We had a very long list of features which we wanted to include within the site, as a result of this we became aware of the fact that we would need to take extreme measures to ensure that our ads and auctions were also bulletproof when it came to security. We have implemented many major security processes and are happy to have received certification from both Igra and Safesurf”.

Any advertisement and auction site is only as good as it’s depth of scope and AZannunci has made sure that their site has a very long reach, by incorporating over 2,700 separate categories that ads can be placed in. AZannunci are obviouslyaiming to serve a very high percentage of potential users wishing to place ads by opening up this many categories. Joanne Pedrini confirms this assumption by saying “We are keen to offer the ability for anyone wishing to place ads or start a new auction to have a website which allows them to sell into the correct niche. We fully understand that some of this large number of categories will be relatively stagnant, but we feel that it is better to have categories that are infrequently used than to send a prospective user away due to the fact they cannot find the right box for their ads to fit in”.

Some people would likely believe that the advertising and auction style of website is no longer an avenue rich with prospect. AZannunci seem to disagree, and they have obviously taken every step to ensure that their new venture is not only successful, but useful to as many internet users as possible. The current downtrend of the global economy means that auction sites will likely gain more popularity in the coming months, AZannunci have made a smart move by positioning themselves ready to take advantage of this.

Joanne Pedrini 191 Huron,
ST 709
London Ontario


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