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New Inventory Of Grow Lights Available At Access Discounts

United States(prwindow)- March 28 2008 -Residential and commercial lighting provider offers huge savings on new grow lights and accessories
Milpitas, CA, March 28, 2008-- - a leading supplier of grow lights, residential lighting and commercial lighting, today announced new arrivals of grow lights to their current inventory supply. Indoor gardeners and horticulture enthusiasts alike can benefit from the significant savings available through Access Discounts.

As spring falls underway, many gardeners are eager to start planting seeds, but with current weather conditions being quite cold still in many parts of the country, more horticulturists are in need of quality grow lights that are reasonably priced. Partnered with the buying power and strong relationships that Access Discounts has built with its suppliers, they are able to obtain significant savings which they pass on to their customer base.

Grow lights have increased in popularity as the interest in organic foods has become more mainstream. With more home gardeners, there is a need to provide quality grow lights that fit a variety of needs. Access Discounts offers customers a wide selection of grow lights as well as residential and commercial lighting solutions. From High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, Metal Halide Bulbs and Fluorescent lights, customers can choose the grow lights that best fit their budget and growing needs.

As light is an essential component for photosynthesis, it is often necessary to incorporate grow lights into greenhouses or indoor gardening environments to provide the adequate levels of light needed to nurture seeds and bulbs to optimum growth and vitality. Made in the USA, all grow lights provided by are precision engineered to meet ETL, UL & CUL standards. Light is one of many challenges a gardener faces, especially when the days are shorter and cold weather looms longer into the year. Lack of sufficient light can limit growth, flowering and fruiting of plants which can be accommodated by supplementing natural light with the appropriate duration, intensity and quality of indoor grow lights.

"Our 100% American made grow light systems offers such top of the line features as multi-volt ballasts by Advance or Magnetek and can operate on 120,208, 240, or 277 volts. These greenhouse grow light systems are quite simply the best priced, highest quality grow systems in the industry," stated Christina Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts.

Growing plants can be a fulfilling hobby or supplemental source of income. Plants that are fairly easy to grow include berries, tomatoes, herbs and flowering bulbs such as daffodils, onions and lilies. Working indoors with the aide of quality grow lights can provide a healthy and productive past time, especially during the colder months. For more information on grow lights, please visit

About Access Discounts provides a wide selection of grow lights, residential lighting and commercial lighting of the highest quality. Leveraging the close relationships developed with top lighting manufacturers, Access Discounts is able to provide the very best in lighting solutions at affordable prices. As a leading supplier of lighting fixtures for horticultural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, Access Discounts strives to bring quality lighting to customers nationwide. Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Milpitas, CA offers lights, lighting fixtures and accessories for residential, commercial and horticulture lighting needs. For more information, please visit
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Christina Roush
General Manager
Access Discounts
Milpitas, CA
United States.
866-647-0624 (


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Access Discounts

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