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OWI Inc Brings Full Product Line to InfoComm08

United States(prwindow)- May 13 2008 -CRS-101 Infrared Wireless Classroom Audio System is Latest Addition to Extensive Speaker and Sound Enhancement Product Line
Carson, Calif.—May 13,2008 -- This year, OWI Inc. celebrates 30 years of success as a world leader and manufacturer of advanced audio systems for the commercial and residential markets. The company pioneered weatherized and waterproof loud speakers and is a global leader with its rock and landscape garden speakers. Also offered are a full line of high-end speaker products, sound enhancement devices and accessories. At InfoComm08, OWI is launching an Infrared Wireless Classroom Audio System and the company will be celebrating its anniversary with daily product giveaways at its booth #C3061 during InfoComm08 in Las Vegas on June 18-20, 2008.

“For 30 years, OWI’s internal research and development team has consistently brought innovative products to market. We’ve always been industry leaders starting with our commercial weatherproof speakers and our high end L.A. Rocker line of rock-shaped speakers. Our R&D efforts have also resulted in Self-Amplified Ceiling Speakers, 70 Volt In-wall Amps, plus shallow-mounted Control Center and Media Center controllers that fit in a double gang box,” said Joseph Martinez, Vice President of OWI Inc.

OWI’s product offerings include:

CRS 101 Infrared Wireless Microphone System - The slim, wall mounted, fully lockable infrared receiver/amplifier/mixer is perfect for use in Classrooms, Boardrooms, Training Rooms and Hotel Meeting Rooms. The system accepts three different line level inputs and can simultaneously control two included infrared wireless microphones. Each device can adjust its volume by independent controls to obtain the best audio effects for each individual room layout. The CRS 101 System arrives complete with two OWI ceiling speakers. Further sound customization can be achieved by adding two more optional OWI ceiling or surface mounted speakers. SRP on the complete system is $990.

Self-Amplified Speakers – Each UL listed speaker is equipped with a high fidelity module delivering up to 25 watts of Class AB power right at the speaker making it capable of driving three additional non-amplified speakers. Available as in-ceiling, in-wall and trumpet models and in a variety of sizes, these easy to install speakers are a contractor’s favorite.

Amps and Controllers – Designed to be installed into a UL rated double gang box, the 25 Watt Amplifier can effectively drive up to four speakers, and is available with fixed amplification or with the BBE “sound enhancer” chip. Both the Control Center and the Media Center mixer/room combiners contain two 25 watt amplifiers, three balanced mic/line inputs, a UL rated 15v DC power supply and are projector compatible. Each side of the controllers can drive four speakers for a total of eight speakers per unit.

Weatherized Speakers – Die-cast aluminum “Patio Blasters” are built and tested to withstand extreme temperatures and difficult environments. Available in 70v and 8ohm, and a numbers of different models, these speakers provide years of trouble-free service. Thousands are in commercial use around the world.

L.A. Rockers Rock Speakers – Made of glass fiber reinforced concrete and UV resistant, each rock is uniquely hand finished and they sound as great as they look. Bug, puppy and lawnmower proof with a cast-in security ring, LA Rockers are in use at major theme parks, malls, golf courses, hotels, casinos and outdoor venues worldwide.

Landscape Garden Speakers – Manufactured to the same high quality as the rock speakers, landscape speakers feature 360-degree sound dispersion in a traditional cone, oval, and octagonal design. Available in 70v and 8ohm and with optional 12v lights, these speakers deliver high quality sound while seamlessly blending in with the surroundings.

In addition to these products, OWI has a full line of 360 degree pendant speakers and speaker accessories. OWI brand speakers and audio enhancement products are available through authorized OWI dealers nationwide. Please visit for more information.

About OWI

OWI Incorporated was established in September 1978 as a loudspeaker manufacturer. The company has expanded its product offering to include sophisticated audio equipment for crystal clear presentations and classroom listening. OWI continues to pioneer new technologies for outdoor/indoor, weatherized and weatherproof loudspeakers and is currently expanding its commercial and industrial market products.

The company is a global leader for its rock and landscape garden speaker collections, rock subwoofers, surface mounted in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, paging and music speakers, shower speakers, etc. Through internal research and development efforts, OWI has developed many breakthrough products i.e., Self-Amplified In-ceiling Speakers, 70 Volt In-wall Amps, plus Control Center and Media Center applications. OWI continues its research to make installations easier and is renown for its excellent contractor and customer support.

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Barbara Stracner
Antarra Communications
714-891-3660 x10

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