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Hungary(prwindow)- March 10 2008 -Search for affordable dental care leads increasing numbers of patients beyond country borders.
Budapest, Hungary, March 10,2008 -- The importance of dental care is a matter of common knowledge today. However, those who want to have healthy teeth may easily face enormous costs, especially when prosthesis is required. Therefore increasing numbers of patients decide to look for affordable dental care abroad. Dental-Offer is the ideal solution for everyone who wants to have healthy teeth at affordable price.

Roughly half a million Americans sought medical care abroad in 2006, and 40 percent were dental tourists according to the National Coalition on Health Care. But you should have an experienced travel representative, who can help you select a highly trained dental specialist in top-rated dental clinics. It is important though that your travel representative has a host agent abroad who has a proven record of excellence.

The importance of dental care is nothing to be convinced about. However, one who wants to maintain healthy teeth may have to pay through one's nose, especially when prosthesis is required. Therefore the search for affordable dental care leads increasing numbers of patients beyond country borders. Dental-Offer is the ideal solution for everyone who is looking for healthy teeth at affordable prices.

They are a professionally managed organization with headquarters in Hungary and have partnered with three centers of dental excellence in the popular destinations Bratislava, Mosonmagyaróvár and Budapest. They attend to their clients locally before, at and after their treatment.

For several years many dental patients throughout Europe have come to Mosonmagyaróvár; lately an increasing number of Americans have come as well, as dental care costs are by far lower then in the US or Canada including travel expenses (approximately 40% of the average costs in the US).

At Dental-Offer they believe health care is a service where accuracy, professionalism and trust are of utmost importance. Therefore the soundness and wellbeing of their clients is their highest priority. Please take a look on for client testimonials.

All of their partner dentists speak adequate English for good patient-doctor communication; hence language barriers may not be a problem and patients will always be able to have their questions and concerns addressed. Dental-Offer is your competent partner who will also represent your interest towards the attending dentist.

In conjunction with their partner clinics they have built a professional network throughout the recent years where everyone endeavors to deliver the very same and high quality of their services every day. For insurance affairs all their partner clinic billing is even provided with US procedure codes for a smooth insurance claim processing. As a matter of course patients are also welcome to travel without excess amounts of cash as all major credit cards are accepted. Further to that one will also benefit from the extended guarantees the partner clinics provide for the dental workmanship.

Dental-Offer are also happy to take care of all one's travel preparations and offer family friendly accommodation and outstanding sightseeing opportunities.

Opt for dental treatment through Dental-Offer and combine the treatment with a (family) vacation. Benefit from Dental-Offer's local presence and their flexibility alongside enjoying great guided sightseeing tours to Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Vienna and Warsaw.

Make your dental treatment an exciting trip to the “old world” for affordable dental care. For further information Dental-Offer recommends taking a look at their homepage.
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Florian Scheuer
Budapest, Hungary


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