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Quality Dialysis Offers Kidney Patients in the Dallas Fort Worth Area a Wider Spectrum

United States(prwindow)- April 09 2008 -There are many advantages to staff-assisted home dialysis -- the most verbalized being the one-on-one medical care provided by licensed nurses who specialize in dialysis procedures.
Houston, TX, April 8, 2008 -- Quality Dialysis has undeniably achieved a major goal as the pioneer of staff-assisted home hemodialysis. They faced the challenge of an ever increasing demand for quality health care by exploring dialysis treatment options which resulted in efficient and cost-effective measures that will greatly benefit kidney patients.

It was in 1993 that the concept of a home-based dialysis provider using licensed nurses to perform hemodialysis procedures at home became a reality. The term ‘staff-assisted home hemodialysis’ emerged from this initiative, making Quality Dialysis the number one staff-assisted home dialysis provider in the state of Texas.

There are many advantages to staff-assisted home dialysis -- the most verbalized being the one-on-one medical care provided by licensed nurses who specialize in dialysis procedures. Under the direct supervision of the patient’s Nephrologist, their physical, physiological, and socio-cultural needs are met. Staff-assisted home dialysis is economically practical, employer friendly, and supports family based objectives. "We are very excited about the expansion into the Dallas/Fort Worth area and hope to make a difference in the lives of those coping with this devastating illness, said Cindy Barclay, Chief Executive Officer of Quality Dialysis.

The founding goal and mission of the organization remains unchanged; to educate patients and their families about chronic kidney disease and provide staff-assisted home hemodialysis as a viable alternative. Quality Dialysis also continues to offer conventional services, such as, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis training, nocturnal dialysis, and short-term daily dialysis support.
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Trish Stevens
Ascot Media Group Inc
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