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Road Warriors Now Reaching Out to Mother Nature

Germany(prwindow)- March 18 2008 -With the growing awareness and concern for global warming, BeamYourScreen comes to the rescue of road warriors, offering a web conferencing solution that contributes directly to protecting the environment, as well as saving users valuable time and money.
Mannheim,Germany,March,18,2008 -- Distinguished web collaboration company, BeamYourScreen ( offers an environmentally saving software solution for road warriors and the masses.

Cheating fuel prices, doing good for the environment, and along the way saving an abundance of time and money - sounds like an eco science fiction fairy tale, but for many customers of Mannheim-based software company BeamYourScreen, it has already become a reality.

BeamYourScreen is a web conferencing service provider. A web conference is a virtual meeting over the Internet where several people can simultaneously work on one screen while being in different locations. This way, users can not only hold meetings, but also demonstrate products and software applications, or provide remote support. While in a web conference, participants are connected via an audio conferencing system.

Road warriors do not only save on fuel but also time, while at the same time any negative effect on the environment is spared. In light of the ever increasing prices of crude oil and the startling climate studies, this appears to be an excellent threefold solution.

Here’s an example: Assuming an average CO2 output of 300 grams per mile, savings of 300 miles travel distance per person and four online meetings per month with an average of five participants, this amounts to 21 tons of CO2 saved during a period of one year. On top of this comes $300 for fuel, car maintenance and personnel costs incurred during the travel.

Each month, BeamYourScreen hosts tens of thousands of online meetings with participants all around the world and thus actively contributes to global climate protection.

More than 1300 corporate customers worldwide regularly use BeamYourScreen, Beam2Present, and Beam2Support, including such corporations as Toshiba, YAMAHA, Berlitz, and Roche. Visit for further information.

About BeamYourScreen
Established in Germany in 2004 by Erik Boos and Mark Zondler, BeamYourScreen is a renowned provider of innovative web collaboration solutions, whose product range consists of software solutions for online meetings, online presentations, and remote support. At present, more than 1300 corporate customers in over 40 countries worldwide are using the BeamYourScreen technology and benefiting from significantly reduced travel time and travel expenses. The makeup of these customers ranges from small and medium sized enterprises to large global corporations such as Toshiba, Yamaha, Berlitz, and Roche.
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Beam Your Screen

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