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Sales Of Living The Secret Everyday Soar As The Secret Phenomenon Continues To Spread

United States(prwindow)- March 01 2008 -A Guide for ‘Secret’ Fans: Living THE SECRET Everyday: My Secret Workbook has become the ‘IT’ Tool To Embrace the Law of Attraction into People’s Lives
Los Angeles, California, Mar 01,2008-- Living The Secret Everyday: My Secret Workbook soar as readers and followers of the law of Attraction embrace the workbook to make their journey to a more fulfilling life. Written by an educator, Joanne Scaglione and her twin sister, Suzanne Stitz; the book since its publication in November 2007 continues to climb in sales. It has become the tool ‘Secret’ followers use to guide, track and live The Law of Attraction on a daily basis.

A reader review on Amazon describes it as: A Must-Have Tool for Permanent Transformation She writes: Living The Secret Everyday is a great action tool to keep you on track on your journey to the life you are seeking. It goes beyond The Secret by engaging the reader on a daily basis with practical step-by-step instructions, activities and recipes on what to do to live the life you want. This is a fun workbook and a must-have guide to keep you focused each and everyday...including a journal which is a valuable reflective, teaching tool with its many inspirational quotes. For any one serious about living The Law of Attraction- who wants a permanent life-changing experience... I give it an A+.

Another reader from Memphis, Tennessee writes: The book didn't disappoint! There is some really good info here. Yes, it's been said before, but the difference is that you're able to work though the "exercises" to apply things directly to your life. For a lot of people, the Secret will be a big thing to grasp hold of, but when you break it down into small chunks, it's really pretty simple. And this makes bringing it (and all that comes with it) into your life a lot easier also. I highly recommend this one….

As an educator, Dr. Scaglione states that she aims at making each reader a life-long learner when it comes to living a fulfilling life. She says, When you open the doors to your mind, you open the doors to your life. Consequently, her unique approach, an interactive one, engages readers as active participants in their own learning continually focusing them through its recipes and exercises on living consciously and deliberately.

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Al Stephans
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Los Angeles, California
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Al Stephans
ASA Management
(818) 889-0827

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