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Second International Congress On Education of the Youth in Love, Sex, and Life (

Philippines(prwindow)- September 12 2007 -With an international opened debate on Abstinence education we could ask: Is the goal saving sex for marriage or is chastity really a means to a greater end?.
Youth education is the key to future social development. Mistaken approaches are at the roots of many social problems. Lack of character and of an education which embraces the person in the entirety of his or her personality, is responsible to a large extent for many of society’s problems.
These are issues that squarely face governments, socially responsible companies, parents, teachers, and university students who have a common aspiration to work for the well-being of the youth. Despite all the money and expertise and propaganda, current programs are making little impact on levels of sexually transmitted diseases and are facing increasing rates of developmental problems.

Sharing experiences: In recognition of those current global concerns, InterMedia ( - a Rome based international foundation), DAWV (Development Advocacy for Women Volunteerism,, Philippines) and EDUCHILD Foundation (, Philippines); in collaboration with I am S.T.R.O.N.G. Program, Philippines (, and World Youth Alliance, USA (; are jointly putting up the Second International Congress on EDUCATION OF THE YOUTH IN LOVE, SEX, AND LIFE ( in Manila, on 19 to 21 November 2007.

GOAL: In 2006 Mexico City hosted the first congress of this series ( . The second aims to develop the Mexico conclusions, to increase Asian and Australian initiatives in teenagers’ character development and education in human love (KEYSTONES OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT), and to progress in new findings and ideas in this area of youth education.

1. To provide foundational ideas, best practices, benchmarking, approaches, and orientations, to enable delegates, personally and in groups, to carry out advocacy work in character education and education in human love through development education activities and programs for teenagers ages 14 to 19.
2. To provide scientific data support on the mindset and lifestyles of adolescents: what they think, what they feel, what their aspirations are, and influences of immediate and mediate environment in their lives.
3. To give the youth the opportunity to show their talents of mind and heart through the arts.

EVENT Frame: Two activities are lined up before the congress:
• a research (with 4,000 adolescents respondents, in collaboration with University of Navarre, Spain);
• and a competition series that will present the target audience with the mindset of the youth.
The research will look into the mindset of young people and their motivations and lifestyle.
The competition series, comprising song-writing, an essay, visual arts, and a documentary film competition, will serve as complementary vehicles for understanding the young person's mind and heart.

We envision parents, teachers, companies, government, media, socio-civic groups, and social enterprises launching and sustaining initiatives towards the strengthening of character, towards education in pure love … pure life. We pursue happy, stable, and wholesome families, and households, and consequently, an environment for productive citizenship.

Our immediate stakeholders are active and potential organizers of programs in: character development, social-emotional learning, human love and sexuality.

The delegates should be: social entrepreneurs (activists, civic leaders) and NGOs, parents, teachers, media, socially responsible companies, government, and the youth themselves, who are motivated to promote education in character and human love, and who are thus interested in having a deeper understanding of the young and effective approaches to education in decision-making.
Our ultimate stakeholders are the youth themselves as responsible citizens that should be prepared to make critical decisions towards building their own homes and families; and those responsible for shaping the youth’s values and beliefs.
Speakers and delegates coming from Asia, Australia, Europe, United States and America will provide a complete vision for the topics (more details attached Program).


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