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Short Term Health Insurance May Be The Answer To 47 Million Uninsured Americans.

United States(prwindow)- January 12 2008 -A unique alternative to traditional health insurance plans – Short Term Health Insurance - is offered at along with plan comparison and more information.
Greensboro,NC, Jan 12,2008--More than 47 million people in the United States are not covered by health insurance, despite the fact that it is practically a necessity in today's world. One of the primary reasons for the fact that so many people are uninsured is the fact that the cost of medical insurance is on the rise, and many people simply cannot afford it.

When faced with a real medical emergency, many people can find themselves going bankrupt simply because they cannot handle the bills that pile on following an illness or injury. More than half of all bankruptcies in the United States are caused by medical expenses that were not only unexpected, but uninsured. Luckily, there is a solution.

Short term health insurance plans are available that allow people to obtain coverage in a number of different circumstances. Short term health insurance, for example, is becoming a popular option for covering gaps that exist between employer sponsored medical coverage. While most people have health insurance coverage through their employers, people who are between jobs traditionally have to purchase COBRA if they want continued coverage, though the cost can be severely prohibitive.

Short term health insurance is capable of offering significant medical coverage for a fraction of the costs associated with other insurance alternatives, like COBRA for example. This makes short-term health insurance an ideal solution for maintaining coverage without having to pay exorbitant prices for it.

There are a variety of different plans and coverage options to choose from, and coverage can begin almost immediately for those who need insurance on short notice. With an opportunity like this, there is absolutely no need to go without medical coverage, risking one's health, or bankruptcy, should a medical emergency ever occur.

Brian Thacker, the founder of the website, has been offering health insurance benefits to individuals for nearly 15 years. He began his days in the industry following his father's 35 years spent helping people find the right solutions for all of their health care needs. Originally only individuals in North Carolina could take advantage of this unique opportunity to find the right insurance, but now Thacker's services are being offered nationally as well as worldwide.

The Short Term Health Insurance website is providing a true solution for a largely untapped marketplace by providing information relating to an important and inexpensive alternative to traditional medical insurance plans like COBRA. For more information about the Short-Term health insurance website, contact or pay a visit to


Brian Thacker
Thacker Agency
P.O. Box 35133
Greensboro, NC 27425


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