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Ted Rhodes Legends Tour And International Players Tour To Hold Annual Golf Classic

United States(prwindow)- March 03 2008 -The International Players Tour (IPT) will join Ted Rhodes Legends Tour in the annual event as part of their regular schedule to support junior golf programs, as well as to honor one of the true legends of the game – Ted Rhodes. The two organizations have signed a multi-year Strategic Partnership Agreement to work together on several initiatives.
Chicago, IL, March 03, 2008--Since 1994, The Ted Rhodes Legends Tour (TRLT) has held an annual 36-hole Pro-Am Classic event the weekend after Labor Day to benefit The Ted Rhodes Foundation, which supports junior golf programs throughout the country. The Foundation was established by Peggy Rhodes-White in honor of her father, Ted Rhodes, one of the pioneers of African American golf in the United States. Beginning in 2008, the International Players Tour (IPT) will join TRLT in the annual event as part of their regular schedule to support junior golf programs, as well as to honor one of the true legends of the game – Ted Rhodes. The two organizations have signed a multi-year Strategic Partnership Agreement to work together on several initiatives. “The Ted Rhodes Foundation is very excited about our partnership with IPT”, stated Peggy Rhodes-White, Founder and President of the Ted Rhodes Foundation. Ms. Rhodes-White added, “Our partnership with IPT will greatly assist the foundation in achieving its mission of educating the public about Ted Rhodes as well as providing opportunities for more people - young and old - to play the ‘Sport of Kings’ known as golf.”

“We’re truly honored to be working with Peggy and the TRLT on this project,” stated Ron Beaman, Founder and President of the IPT, “and the benefits that will accrue to junior golfers across the nation as a result of our joint efforts will certainly be gratifying.” The combined tour event will be held in a TBD Chicago location on September 6-7, 2008, and will consist of three divisions of play with different entry fees and purse levels. The event will be open to the public, and registration will start soon on several different websites to be announced.

A.J. Ali, President and CEO of Eclipse Sports, is credited with introducing TRLT and IPT in the creation of this landmark event, and will assist with sponsorship development for the tournament. “The marriage of the International Players Tour and the Ted Rhodes Legends Tour event is a match whose time is long overdue. I'm a big proponent of promoting diversity in our great game of golf to make it more reflective of the beautiful diversity of our country. It is refreshing that the fairly new and very progressive International Players Tour would embrace the memory of one of golf's unsung heroes. This partnership brings together a great event with a revolutionary tour,” AJ states, and further adds, “Ted Rhodes' legacy is that of a person who fought for an equal playing field - he just wanted to compete at the highest level possible in his chosen sport. His sustained efforts to bring equality into the game have allowed anyone capable of competing at the game's highest level the ability to do so. Similarly, the IPT was formed to give anyone that wants to compete for money using their handicap, a professional tour environment in which to compete. The IPT is a great step in the right direction, legitimizing what millions of golfers do every week in their private groups and creating a third category of competitive golfer. I'm very excited to see the IPT endorse the work of Ted's daughter, Peggy Rhodes-White, by partnering with her to keep Ted’s golf legacy alive in the form of this great event - now made even greater.”

About Ted Rhodes Foundation

Since taking the reigns of the foundation in 1994 Peggy Rhodes White has worked tirelessly to fulfill the mission statement of the foundation, which is, to paraphrase, “To provide opportunities for professional and amateurs of all ages to play golf at its highest level and to educate the public as well as the entire golfing community of Ted Rhodes accomplishments as an African-American golfer as well as his many contributions to the community and the game of golf.

The foundation accomplishes these goals by several means. Yearly, since 1994, they have presented a PGA quality event where golfers from all over the USA come to play. The event has drawn golfers from as far away as Australia. There are a number of golfers participating in PGA Events and The Nationwide Tour who honed their skills by playing in the Ted Rhodes tournament. Recently we have provided opportunities for junior golfers to compete with other golfers as well as give scholarships to various junior golf programs throughout the USA. The foundation has been fortunate enough to receive a lot of media support such as Golf Digest, Golf World, PGA, and Local Newspapers throughout the country. Fox 32(Chicago) aired a ten minute segment on Ted Rhodes with interviews of Peggy and others who knew Ted Rhodes. Check out Uneven Lies by Pete McDaniel (Senior Writer for Golf Digest) for some little known information on the foundation and Ted Rhodes. ABC recently aired a documentary “Rainbow on the Green” that is part of the American Legacy Series that was created by noted actor & director Tim Reid (WKRP in Cincinnati) with commentary by Pete McDaniel. There were some great pictures which were provided by the Foundation on Ted Rhodes. The documentary also provided some exciting information about Ted Rhodes struggles as well as his accomplishments.

About International Players Tour (IPT):

International Players Tour (operated by prior management of Champions Golf Tour (CGT), was launched in January 2008 for the purpose of bringing PGA style competition to avid golfers everywhere. Operations began in April 2002 under the banner of the Champions Golf Tour, which was founded by Ron Beaman in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Ron developed a business model that would provide avid recreational golfers a chance to play in an environment similar to major tour events – “inside the ropes” for significant prize money – utilizing a proprietary handicap system.

After conducting its first event in June, 2002, CGT followed with 17 tournaments in 2002 and awarded nearly $60,000 in prize money. Significant and sustained growth has occurred in subsequent years in player participation, number of events, and prize money. With over 1200 players in their system, IPT management conducted over 150 events in 2007 within ten state and twelve metropolitan city areas with payouts exceeding $570,000. In 2008, the IPT will conduct 200+ events in fifteen different metro areas, culminating in the Tour Championship at the Horseshoe Bay Marriott Resort in Texas, with the winner taking home $20,000 in guaranteed first place prize money.

“The Model that Works” is now being adopted effectively and implemented successfully in multiple cities, with projected expansion into 5-10 new markets each year – including international locations - through a unique licensing rights program.

In addition, IPT has expanded its 2008 Senior Tour Division schedule to include 10-12 new 54-hole events across the USA. The Senior Tour Division provides playing opportunities for seniors with competitive aspirations on the PGA Champions Tour or maintaining their level of competition for significant purses. See for further details.
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Peggy Rhodes-White
Ted Rhodes Foundation
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International Players Tour

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International Players Tour
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Ron Beaman
International Players Tour
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