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The End of a Bingo Era In UK

United States(prwindow)- May 16 2008 -Both smoking and non smoking bingo players are fussing about the new UK law that prohibits smoking in public areas. Bingo and smoking have long gone hand in hand and the new laws are threatening to break up this relationship.
London, United Kingdom, May 16, 2008 -- Both smoking and non smoking bingo players are fussing about the new UK law that prohibits smoking in public areas. Bingo and smoking have long gone hand in hand and the new laws are threatening to break up this relationship. Additionally, Land based bingo halls are being hurt badly by these laws as players are busy smoking outside instead of playing bingo inside.

The Bingorama at the Ritz hall, two bingo halls in Derbyshire and the Regal at Staveley, have recently been closed down. Bingo players would rather smoke outside then play bingo – causing loss of revenue for the bingo halls – eventually causing them to shut down.

With this said, the future of online bingo has never looked brighter, says Adam Knight, Marketing Director of Spectra Games, one of the leading Bingo operations online.

"Since the law passed we have been seeing spectacular growth throughout our business. We do not think it should be attributed only to the smoking ban, but to a number of reasons, like increased TV advertising and improved promotions and cash prizes". To illustrate the online bingo growth, Mr. Knight agreed to unveil some of the figures behind the booming industry: There are now over 4 Million Bingo players in the UK and Ireland alone, with an estimated yearly growth of 30%. Outside the UK there are an estimated 8 Million online Bingo players. Average age is constantly decreasing and now stands on 32. The average spend per Bingo player is around £500. Over 60% of the players' spend is attributed to games other than Bingo, like various Slot Games and Scratch Games. Both our Bingo brands- Spectra Bingo and Moon Bingo have shown over 125% growth in number of new players. Our estimation for 2008 is to have over 250,000 players play on our online Bingo platforms.

Smokers are able to play bingo online and smoke at the same time – a fact which will probably drive up the gross revenue of the online bingo industry. This is great news for online bingo halls as there will be more and more players coming through daily, and more cash flowing in the online bingo sector.

Land based bingo halls that own bingo sites will be trying to get their players to play online as well – making a swift transfer between the land based world to the online world.

The online bingo industry is expected to grow as more and more land based bingo halls will create online bingo sites.

In this process, land based halls will have to evolve or disappear and make room for their online counterparts.

If you haven't already tried out one of the many online bingo rooms, they suggest you try out Spectra Bingo ( or Moon Bingo ( Both feature free play options so you can enjoy the game for free before you move on to play for real money.
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